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  1. Thanks for the event, Amazing pull for us. Shame LY could only get 30 people to crash and didn't even enter the wild ha
  2. Joined to fuck Legacy and im fucking legacy baby.
  3. Looks like another event where Legacy used mass mains and still lost LOL.
  4. yo just wondering if u will quest 20 def for me for free? fucking slave
  5. Legacy needed 40 mains to compete against Zeniths level 70s l0000000000l
  6. - Get beat by level 70s - Log your tanks in (because that will help) - Realise your tanks can't hit 70s - 70's kill your clan - Cry like bitches on teamspeak Legacy trip summed up.
  7. how can you say anything about other clans when you actually wear another clans cape more than you wear your own?
  8. we had already won the moment foe touched singles with 30 people.
  9. We had our focus on bigger things, but smaller, less fortunate braindead clans don't learn the first lesson very well, so this time we won't off.
  10. Atleast Legacy achieved something this weekend, and that is to hold the worst anniversary in the history of pure clanning. If i was an LY official i'd be disappointed that my whole trip consisted of having a clan in my cape and foe on the same minimap as us while both clans having 100. utter pig shit clans if you ask me, the boss of pure clanning.
  11. Fo mains in rage capes it seems
  12. Lol, the 33 on the cape counter were Fo mains. All their pures died.
  13. I don't think anyone from Rage actually gives a shit lol. Friday is our new movie night and we pulled 51 people to watch Beauty and the Beast lol. we r da best.
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