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  1. Own u 1107 wearing LY capes lmao. You beta fuck. Look at the shower of shit CD turned into.
  2. Played with my eyes closed today. 47 kills. 2 staffs, 0 deaths.
  3. how thats doxing? are you actually retarded
  4. supremacy can't pull 75 without mass invites or mains.
  5. TBR

    Cherry on Top

    Don’t ever type in sharkbrew discord again. Holy fuck you’re a pussy
  6. Supremacy was always garbage, seems nothing changes
  7. LMFAO, ur actually mad right now. thats funny.
  8. I am a strong member. See if you can keep up with me, typing on here won't make sup better brother.
  9. Do you sit on your computer refreshing Sharkbrew for anything which mentions Rage. And then you add some garbage reply hoping you’ll get a pat on the head? Lol
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