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  1. Most of the pure community needs to get laid LOL yall some uptight virgin's

  2.  im pretty good at making jobless virgin freaks mad about runescape.com

  3. ????????????????????????????? we did nothing? whatd fi do all trip?
  4. FI wouldnt come anywhere to fight zenith today in the wildy GDZ/FOG/BONEYARD/CA/SPERM/26 hill Jamz your starving your members.... I give them 3 weeks before being so bored and upset of wasting their weekends that they give up on you GL FI this is just the start and its not looking good for you
  5. Thoughts on CD+Zenith raw dogging the shit out of FI+LY+MAINS today? whats next for the anti Z alliance are they all out of cards?
  6. Why would a mini game count? I mean all it is....well its a mini game my friend if I cant get an ags or a toxic staff on my main it doesnt matter
  7. I mean its 2020 nobody wants to kill some kid and not get his ags like last week I smited 3 ags on my main I was super happy about it but cant do that in clan wars totally not cool dude...
  8. I mean lets be real who the fuck wants to fight another clan in a mini game? just boring no loot,no mains allowed? fuck all that fight us in the wilderness
  9. Man your really up tight I see you reply in 2 seconds to every post saying the same exact thing its almost like your dicks getting hard for this game please go fuck a bitch
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