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  1. Can anyone tell me who this proccy guy is? I've been seeing him talk but never heard of him until i've seen him make some topics on here? Why does he have such a big mouth with nothing to back up for it? Anyone know?

    1. Erik


      Nobody knows who you are, and you’ve been talking big all of a sudden LMFAO

      Why didn’t you make posts like these in 2014-2019? Oh yeah, your clan has always been irrelevant wahahaha

      as soon as JAMZ leaves you’re nothing!

    2. Fatality's Keeper

      Fatality's Keeper

      @ErikRemember when we closed foe, yeah i do too. Good to see a newfag like you knows nothing about those years nor before those.

    3. Erik


      "newfag" try again sir!

  2. Why the fuck did they get it in to their heads they could beat us lmfao!!!!!!!!
  3. Yo, for real tho how the fuck did apex lose to zenith in a prep they're dogshit LOL

  4. l0l. So you won a miniwar and think you can beat Fi after you been stomped to the ground by us for the last months and haven't been able to recover? Nice 1
  5. Not sure when you've gotten this big of an ego but jesus christ relax there bud. Lmfao!
  6. Maybe Salso can finally achieve something in whatever the fuck xlpc is
  7. Where is fo aftermath @Proccycan u link me?

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