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  1. Just because theres 73 in the whole teamspeak doesn't mean theres 73 in a channel. Sorry that you still don't know these things Wiki moderator.
  2. Hopefully apex pulls 70+ to weekends too. I doubt it though, might see them in another clans cape again!
  3. You're not godkings at all. Lmao, if you were whatever you call yourself for some reason. You'd accepted any prep vs clans like Rage,ly and now Fatality in the past. We agreed on the rules you your own set after you declined ours and you still couldn't follow them. Apex was the punching bag in clanwars when other clans cared, don't forget that. And don't forget the fact that you're only somewhat decent at ONE SINGLE SERVER, LOL!
  4. Im sure we'll follow the rules, just like yesterday. Again, would foe like to prep mister "you care about a videogame but here i am being a wiki moderator for a runescape site"
  5. Funny to see what the sb foe warriors have to say about this prep while avoiding Fatality's requests to prep/fullout @Fake Smile@ProccyThis includes you!

  6. Because you and @Proccykeep trying to live of what happens in Fatality. Keep trying to use everything you got against us, it won't work. You said in a previous post someone cares too much about a videogame but you're a wiki moderator and make topics like this lmfao. Feel free to prep Fi tho, you still had fullout/prep declarations to respond to
  7. You embarrassed yourself enough the last 2 months to the point im confused how you even dare to still show your face lmfao
  8. Apex members ever gone to school or they just do 2v2s the moment they were born and do nothing else with their life?
  9. LMAO they must have forgot about last weekend
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