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  1. Can confirm that Rage started sweating pure v pure and brought mains (again)
  2. You are delusional lmfao why are you piping up? We’re gonna kill your clan (again)
  3. I made rage go from 100+ pulls to 50 in 4 weeks time and you haven't recovered since lmfao FOE slumps due to Fi Hype and camped by mains, you bring 30 vennies to a trip and decide to pipe up (AGAIN)? FOE will come back stronger soon, Rage hasn't been able to recover since 10 months (you got it mixed up pal!) Not very wise there!
  4. A lot of smack from a pure clan having a main clan help them out we’ll see who comes out on top buddy.
  5. Why’d you tele from foe when you’re literally up 50 in ts? Thanks for the fights, hoping for more in the future
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