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  1. Let’s go to clw on a weekend and waste members time > dumb > big avoid!
  2. Pray for my fallen brother @fistpuncher1 and @Hari. These 2 mates were recently kicked from Rage after attending 6 STRAIGHT months of pk trips all because they said they didn't want to fight Fatality in CWA during WILDERNESS trips. According to @BvG, Rage members prefer "action > rivalries" but it's hard to believe when even your proudest members are calling you out on your bullshit. Hopefully all the mass recruiting Rage has done over the last 2 weeks won't end up with them back in clan wars or it will go downhill fast. WAHAHHAAHHAAHA NOT LOOKING GOOD FOR BEAR CLAN - big avoiders! SEE YOU THIS WEEKEND WITH 200 EAGLES 15 years bby
  3. 150 to 50 within a week lmfao easiest rivalry in my life!
  4. Closing a clan = slumping them to the point that they decide it’s best to close their clan eop, ir, apex all slumped and ded within half a year in 2018-19 tlp slumped after fullout win = drama in clan = closure cba thinking rn but there’s more lol
  5. Rage relying more and more on mains. Damn! Closure really is near. 170>50 in one weekend btw. Can’t wait to kill you again tomorrow!
  6. Wahahahahha I don’t even need to be active to have my clan kill rage

    1. IamjohnC


      useless comment

    2. Erik


      Ye rage useless clan don’t even talk back no more wahahah

    3. IamjohnC


      what useless clan? are you high?

  7. Wahahaha didn’t ask i’ll show you my irl you ugly fin won’t do the same😂
  8. Maaku how many clans have you been in now?? (and I’ve closed all of them)
  9. Kinda funny to see the rage members piping up still every kid from x clan that ever piped up to foe have had their clan closed in the long run by... you guessed it. FOE. closure for bears!
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