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  1. Erik

    GMT/(Fuhlex) re-intro

    Fuhlex from rd bruh whatup
  2. Erik

    Apex Rank Meeting Colorized (2/18/19)

    Well we just beat another clan in clan wars and you refuse to prep us so idk man see you this weekend again bud
  3. Unlucky apex the whole community knows you have no chance against FOE
  4. Erik

    "The Great War"

    Damn broken in 3 weeks
  5. Erik

    lpc Legacy ~ LPC ~ Legends Never Die

    Nice to see a new clan open, good luck
  6. Erik

    Apex Members, Please Explain v2

    Probey you’re not a moron like these EOP kids you have in your clan. Just take the L and move on, good fights today.
  7. It’s very cute indeed to see all ex eop-now apex members being so happy over another propaganda win


    damn man you must really lose sleep over foe lmfao


    1. Pigwrestler7


      You literally lost sleep on Sunday to Apex LOLOLOL

    2. ahegao


      you lost sleep sitting at the ditch

      imagine that

  8. Erik

    some1 update me plz

    Grats on being low iq man you got none of them right 😕
  9. Erik

    some1 update me plz

    I closed EOP and Apex is next lmfao foe won.
  10. Erik


    Big speak up from a guy who I killed 43 times saturday just after closing his old clan lmfao
  11. Erik

    Help me fill in the blanks please

    Misfits closed into Apex FOE bullied EOP so bad they did the same apex = apex, misfits, eop FOE has a lot of hype since we ended 2018 on top, therefore the pulls have gone up. Apex is literally the anti-FOE alliance full of kids that want to kill us out of hatred lmao. sup have done well recently ir the same as usual fi still pretty dead