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  1. Fi laughing at this but has been in shambles and no sign of recovering since Jamz left
  2. Invalid area

    1. orgasms


      hell yea that was ur bots name 

  3. Jamz in MIAMI rn thinking about the slump he put fi in
  4. Fi hits FOE with 45 mains, FOE decides enough is enough and retaliates Fi members:
  5. Very quiet from twisted bow loser and dogfriend @Robbo after the past weekend! Any more gifs to display to us buddy?

    1. Robbo


      oh look, a thirsty poodle

    2. Robbo


      imagine worrying about someone who wasnt even playing rs over the weekend, did rot forget to take you out for a walk down the sidewalk by your leash?

  6. Fi had 84 and has been piping up for whatever reason. We aren’t offing anytime soon. Legacy kept coming to Fatality’s aid however so they got their fair share of action!
  7. Eu literally stomps NA everytime. Pointless!
  8. CT RD was fun but filled with retards
  9. Sign contract with FOE 2021 before it’s too late!

  10. If it comes down to people it has to be @Robbo gets lured for a t bow, bullied in sharkbrew and by his own clan and gets audio leaked of him letting his dog lick his balls!
  11. You’re legit braindead and nobody in your clan even cares for you or your topics LMFAO post the gif of me dying whilst out again, gj buddy!
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