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  1. Looks like Fi/Ly/Rage are the only clans that are improving in this scene
  2. Didn't you scam your own clan member for 10M?
  3. When you see us you put ur cameras down cause you knows it gonna be a slaughter
  4. You got bitch clapped by ly, imagine what rage can do to your fat ass. You ain't got nothing to bring against us. Ain't hatin apex but peeps like you deserve to be buttf*cked by massive bears, you better slit your wrists before we come after you, you autistic chimp. Gotta remind you every clan you been in ended up closing, keep trying you weak ass hoe. We smarted this shit btw.
  5. Bunch of virgins lifting keyboards, am i right
  6. Are you delusional or what? ''Keep prepping unlike all these other pussy clans'', every clan is prepping wym?
  7. Yeah i gave him that ip, that's my ip. We were playing guess my ip game and winner gets 50M
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