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  1. @Intensity Looks like you enjoy jumping on Rages dick, keep going, I likey likey. Imma watch ur dead clan crumble in silence. @YazAs we can see, people are dumb enough not find a solution to the problem or cooperate in any kind of way. I'm as much as glad as they are, as they clearly enjoy getting ragged by my mains.
  2. Youre punishing rage and zenith for brining mains whilst talking about apex crashing pure pkris with mains.
  3. Is that what nowadays virgins do, instead of trying to get laid?
  4. @KimI can't help to stop it, but I see a mains in this clans clan chat. Even their own gif and pictures prove it. That heavy ballista guy and the ''pure'' wearing rune gloves is kinda sus. Please close this topic aswell remove this topic from the leagues table. Thank you!
  5. I wasnt crying l0l, i just asked a nice question. Too bad your low iq brain is having a trouble answering simple questions. Guess the mountain isnt the only thing melting here.. jajajajajajajajajaja
  6. to all the terror members who need a napkin lmk l0l0l0l0l0l0l0l0l

  7. The only right thing to do for this chick is to stay inactive and never come back. She doesnt realize the pure scene is in a loophole and theres no escape.
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