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  1. Maxx

    Becoming a Graphics Designer

    You'll do nothing you stupid commie rat leak, go channel that rage into something productive maybe you'll ever get somewhat decent and you wont have to be as resentful.
  2. Maxx

    flaming NTPC clans

  3. remember when your clan fought the same pures and lost
  4. ah yes my blunt pker goons, slayers of Supremacy. gj
  5. Maxx

    Becoming a Graphics Designer

    Next time your little komodobyte ego gets poked don't get so upset that you start digging up 2016 Sythe cases to discredit fellow designers, or things might actually backfire
  6. Maxx

    Becoming a Graphics Designer

    "I hope one day to be banned off Sythe for scamming as you were." You accused me of scamming, Which I have never done. I have associates who have done worse NH shit than what happend with Making Rice's account. Does that mean I'm scamming or have scammed anyone? No, thus making your claim false.
  7. Maxx

    Christmas time

    you too
  8. Ik ben helaas geen designer rank!! nog hard leren en tutorials volgen en misschien kan ik in de voetsporen treden van Sharkbrews grootheden
  9. Maxx

    Becoming a Graphics Designer

    You are/were Ace Graphics too correct? Together with Making Rice? Your accounts are associated beyond IPs. You used the same thread, same skype etc. so you are responsible of any movements he made as you were working together. We shared a name for the sake of it sounding cool, we had different skype's , different threads. We were not a legit company so I am in no way responsible for his sloppy security at the time. So just because Sythe mods have ill judgement does that mean it applies everywhere else? Side note: he never got back to me on Skype, he retired soon after and never wrapped the case up. His account was abused during what? Why are the mods accusing him of scamming, you saying some random shit, and he says something entirely diff.?? Why did he tell me: i.e. Dont lie. His account was hacked and his name was used to scam other people outside of Sythe. As happens with hacked accounts, this is what I called abuse.
  10. Props to you guys, you guys stuck around for a while.
  11. Maxx

    Becoming a Graphics Designer

    Ace Graphics was not a company , I am in no way responsible of what Making Rice does, His account got hacked with OSBot , (thought it was osbuddy) and he is responsible for proving his innocence. Nonetheless your statement that I was banned because of scamming is false. It is publicly known I am banned of Sythe and I do not give a shit, what I do care about it is fellow designers trying to paint me as a scammer. This just shows you're a resentful jealous moron. Noted.
  12. Maxx

    Becoming a Graphics Designer

    I was never banned for scamming, I was banned for "ban evasion" of @Making Rice. His acc got abused during the OSBuddy leak (outside Sythe), he couldn't be bothered to appeal and because he registered my account I got in trouble because our IP's overlapped. This is where I got the ban, https://www.sythe.org/threads/twc-for-no-reason/#post-15527920 I didn't care enough about their shitty site to keep appealing and bothering their mods. But good to know you're trying to paint me as a scammer as soon as I poke a little fun at you.
  13. Maxx

    Clan Awards

    Biggest prep avoider:
  14. Maxx

    Becoming a Graphics Designer

    https://www.sythe.org/threads/ace-max-pardon/ Idk why u get mad and start stating false claims idiot lol