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  1. Hello artists. little different request here but I believe one of you should be up for the challenge and for those of you who are looking for a new opportunity to develop your GFX skills in otter platforms outside of RS I think you’ll enjoy this opportunity 😊 i am seeking artwork for my marketing company and personal brand for the following areas: -Banner for my LinkedIn profile -YouTube background and banner for personal brand -package of different avatars with marketing logo initials - couple of signatures that can be used for the bottom of an email please send me inbox msg here or if you’re more comfortable email me at [email protected] to discuss details. will be paying cash and open for negotiation on price. I’m looking for quality and not afraid to pay for it. Thanks 🙏🏽 Beau
  2. Great day to be OP! Thank you for the clans that gave us fights. Awesome returning Fearless you guys are a top tier clan forsure and we look forward to setting up more fights with you guys in the future.
  3. xlpc #1 Ascent was and always will be
  4. Proud of my ascent boys. All the hours of hard work and practice paying off, as evident today and recent weeks. Haters really love to try and bring winners down hahaha I'm dying!
  5. I dont know most of Doom's ranks, but i know a few and they are more than capable to maintain a clan and come up with ways to overcome obstacles. Even if you have a great rank team, you still have to communicate your mission statement/goals with the ENTIRE rank team to get things done. So, im not sure as to the internal management of Doom or CD rather, making my judgement on this limited. I will say however that CD certainly will have to up their quality in order to face Doom in clan wars in a matched fight. CD is a formidable clan in the wild, mainly because its their home and its what feels most comfortable. I think CD would be crazy to bother matching Doom at this time. Maybe in 1 month, CD will be ready in terms of quality to head to Clan Wars against the likes of Doom. I believe the ranks in CD are capable enough to start preparing for such an event to take place in the near future, but will they? I dont know. Doom in my opinion is at a spot where they don't need to be worried with CD in terms of quality and clan wars. CD is new to the scene and needs time to mature and adjust.
  6. Xlpc is incrediby active with 4 clans all pulling 30-50 on weekends. Not to mention 2 to 3 more clans opening up in the next couple weeks.
  7. Tanks?? Wrong clan buddy that's SK and they openly admitted it.
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