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  1. I don't know the history here or if there is any truth to an LPC bringing tanks and deliberately interfering with xLPC scene. If, however there is an LPC clan that does intentionally bring tanks and hit the xLPC scene with the intention to close it - then shame on that clan and whatever is coming for them they deserve. However, it is nothing new when a LPC clan uses pure accounts to join up with an xLPC to boost the numbers on a trip. Usually this happens because the rank teams are friendly or there is some history between that LPC clan and another xLPC. I don't see anything wrong here as long as its pure accounts being brought to the trips. Now, that being said, I can understand how any xLPC clan that doesn't have a friendly relationship with an LPC, enough to convince that LPC to share opts on their pk trips, might find all of this unfair. Back on topic at hand.. So BU, if you have done this because terror has brought NH behavior to our scene (xLPC) by way of cheating (doxing, tanks,overheads,etc) then good for you and thank you. If, however this is being done because terror just teamed up with another xLPC (on pure accounts) to increase that other xLPC's opts in order to fight you. Then I say you did what you had to do to punch back,
  2. Nothing to see here just 2 of the oldest and greatest clans in the scene hashing it out. If only E and MM were still here.. you boys might not be at each other’s throats every day.
  3. xLPC PCL kicking off next week, Stay tuned! 

  4. Thats what happens when the 2 titans of the xLPC scene clash in the arena glorious
  5. If you're an xLPC rank, be expecting my visit. Im especially looking for contacts to these following xlpc's: DriveBy and Conquer. 

  6. Its news to me as well, Evidently it's the option to cap the CB level on who enters the portal
  7. Yes you're right that is going to be a factor of this scene and all the likely not avoidable especially with no overs. It really comes down to which clans are most organized and have better quality particularly because as far as I could tell most the XLPC's -have the same RSN's -wear the same outfit -Same CB's These factors alone make for intensive quality and challenge on each rank team to perform I believe it will also make opts count less important within a margin of say +/- 5 This will give clans fighting down (e.g. 20v25 or 25v28 or 30v34) a fighting chance
  8. absolutely agree with you This would not take place over wildy trips this is just an addition to the weekdays
  9. Berserk making moves. 

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