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  1. Great idea brb pming marketing team on Sbrew
  2. Not a walk-over Clan you faced there. Good for you guys - be proud of the outcome
  3. Christmas is coming early for (Ascent) some of us

  4. If it’s not a good deal for you, it’s not a good deal for anybody #ascent #thoughtoftheday

    1. Lionel


      But if it's a bad deal for you it might be a good deal for me bro

  5. Great work FOE! Thank you for the standard you set as a true OG Pure Clan
  6. i Voted NO! Im not an expert but i believe they have bigger expectations... wbu?
  7. I understand your concern! Thank you! Lets focus on how we can repair our community now https://www.nytimes.com/2019/11/30/world/americas/venezuela-students-hunger.html OSRS is not the priority here wouldnt you agree? Certainly NOT, as a Leader of your caliber i know you'd agree with this sentiment. . Lets put runescape aside and focus on feeding your country! #venezuela!
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