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  1. How come main clan rage never mentions the other main clans and terror helping them?

    I'd be pissed if I wasn't getting any credit! Do slaves deserve to get credit for their work?


  2. meds are for everyone, not just rage. Legacy is no stranger to having meds at their fights. No need to complain
  3. Let's see what we got here. A demoralized fi, humiliated so bad that their last straw is making up almost half of their pull with mains and calling all the help they can get. if you don't believe that, the Legacy, Rage, and BP kids riding fi's dick on these topics are a prime example of that. I think its adorable that these clans have been broken to a point that they have literally decide they'd rather all team up against Foe by helping fi than make something of their weekends. Whilst we we're spread at FOG first, 26 hills and boneyard you didn't even have the balls to hit us. You wanted to fight at CA cause that's where all your anti-foe allies could help you and losing would be harder since you're fighting on a return spot. fi members, open your eyes. Your ranks do not have any faith in their own calls nor in your ability as a member to fight well and return quickly. They would rather waste your whole evening by sitting at CA than fight us. And when we did you got fucking owned, the proof you see here and in the video's doesn't lie. fi got dicked by FOE again at all fights. The fi mentality is the mentality that made this whole scene cancerous and they still try to be 'succesful' by it, thinking that if you get fucking cleared to a point you have close to no members left at the fighting scene and your opponent teleports out because of it, you can 'claim' a win because you didn't teleport out first. Whoever is ignorant enough to think fi didn't get cleared should realize the only reason a spastic like MURD would put so much effort in trying to prove they weren't cleared that he spend his whole day after sunday on finding milisecond moments in their own video's that could possible prove otherwise is exactly showcasing how butthurt he is over getting cleared.
  4. !loc fi saturday topic


    o wait dead clan

  5. fi is ass lmfao dead clan pulling 30s. FOE DID THIS TO YOU @ELEKTHEGREATyou even random worlds in safe zone pussyboi
  6. Yet another weekend of FI avoiding Foe. 








      Leak audio it let's hear this random shit ur typing or are u describing ur demoralized  ts 😂😂😂

    2. orgasms


      keep on crying fi doggy 

      cry is free go on

  7. Fi flapped their gums all week but when 120 foe pures came at their pimply weeb foreheads they got real quiet.

    Speak up victims @ELEKTHEGREAT@Jus10@FI - Kryptonite

    We already bullied @Murdout, which one of you is next?

    1. orgasms


      I think they going afk for another 2-3 weeks :(

  8. LMFAO Proccy is occupying the weeb heads of @ELEKTHEGREAT@Jus10and @FI - Kryptonitemore than their tentacle anime! LOL

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