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  1. slimjim

    A proposal for FOE & Apex...

    Wonder if fighting Apex out opted the last 6 weekends is equal to preps.. and winning.
  2. slimjim

    Another Hilarious Broken Clan Audio Leak

    Apex can't admit a loss. Go to the FOE topics over the last 2 months and gratz them on their win. You won't.
  3. @Pigwrestler7this was the best leak by far.

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    2. slimjim


      The pieces cut take place during the battles.

      Do you think everyone wants to hear the drivel that is spewed to apex members while you sit in single?

      Didn't think so.

    3. toenail884cutter7


      @Pigwrestler7I can safely say that even bringing a main on the side is strictly forbidden in FOE, on the other hand I can also say this saturday apex had mains protecting them at the single line southeast of graves. And all these mains in these weekends couldnt even save your clan.

    4. Red Vision
  4. slimjim

    Another Hilarious Broken Clan Audio Leak

    @Pigwrestler7getting hit at all angles ITT. So funny how he went from being all high and mighty with his 200 pulls, 3 clans closing into, main massing, propaganda ass all the way to absolute decimation in the last 2 months. Now he's turning his attention to another clan because he got absolutely MOLLY-WHOPPED by the big dick Foe. But hey, at least we don't have to argue with him regarding the actual win vs loss of a fight because the evidence has been overwhelming in Foe's favor. IMAGINE IF APEX MEMBERS WERE ALLOWED TO COME TO SHARKBREW AND SEE NOX'S PROPAGANDA FOR WHAT IT REALLY IS. FKIN LMAO
  5. Overwhelming evidence Apex ain't shit. rip @Pigwrestler7 @Cleezy
  6. slimjim

    Supremacy vs Apex 2-1 sets

    Just growing weaker day by day
  7. slimjim

    apex reminder

    @Pigwrestler7 Who won the fight at 4:04? Please take into account the video and the audio. Thanks
  8. slimjim

    apex reminder

    Get out while you can tough guy
  9. Also, @Pigwrestler7 From point 2 of my longer post above, is my analysis of Foe's and Apex's videos incorrect for the Sunday fight? Did I indeed not see Foe, with 77+ players on the battlefield north of CA, west of sperm, east of graves, clear Apex? Are my eyes deceiving me? Imagine the "foe cleared" pic post countlessly was in the hands of all those Apex kids. YIKES. Also, please confirm or deny - was the Saturday F2P trip at level 4 hollow tree or not? Let's see how truly delusional you are.
  10. @Pigwrestler7 Please provide me with which parts of this topic are factually incorrect so I can investigate. Please also go through the videos and tell me which videos might appear to be edited to the point they are completely wrong, so I can investigate. Best.
  11. 1. Ok. 2. What's Apex's reason for not allowing its members to go on Sharkbrew? What a coincidence Nox publishes that instruction after Apex starts to lose to Foe. 3. I don't know if that's true. Based on videos from both sides it appears FOE has beaten Apex in a majority of fights, including this past weekend. 4. Post that screenshot. I am unable to find this remark on your forums. What I did find from Jan 20th trip: https://imgur.com/a/0s3j3ry Hardly him admitting defeat. Runs parallel with Apex members being unable to admit defeat. Builds on the fact Apex aren't allowed to use Sharkbrew as an opposing viewpoint would spill the beans. Laughable.
  12. 1. Playing the victim again. Don't act like you didn't talk shit. 2. Papi said don't come back and you're disobeying him. So yes, you are banned from the forums. Respect your leader. The motivation for Apex's move off Sharkbrew was to save its members from seeing the reality of the what it's leaders are spewing i.e. fake wins/propaganda. Imagine the same Apex kids that sat at hollow tree on Saturday and the same Apex kids that got cleared by Foe from sperm to ghost hut to CA saw the Foe POV's, Nox would have an aneurysm trying to explain how 77 Foe remained on the battlefield while Apex were literally dying and spamming Foe cleared, only to see 77 Foe in Edgeville with skulls over their heads. Just imagine the types of lies and deceit nox would have to come up with. Dude can barely say "23", how the hell is he going to spin that?? 3. Danny doesn't tell the members anything. From the looks of it the piping up by Apex was enough for the members to want to come to Sunday trips. I should also mention the loot the members seem to be getting as they've wiped the floor with Apex 3 weeks in a row now. 4. Perhaps they saw the light through Nox's lies? Perhaps they were sick of sitting at hollow tree on a Saturday? Perhaps they were sick of getting swept by Foe. Post their leaving topics here for the boys why don't you? 5. I like that you're broken, broken like me😊
  13. slimjim

    Supremacy vs Apex ''the boys'' 10v10 2-1

    1. Not Foe 2. P sure you/apex bashed Foe when they lost to supremacy last week. Karma. 3. Get off these boards. Papi is going to give you the hose again.