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  1. Any reason why you didn't include the rest of the conversation? i.e. the ;art under "if rage has 70" Please respond.
  2. https://gyazo.com/3a5eccc616f992f41299c5137e186470 RAPIDO O KICK
  3. I see three rage mains in this pic alone: "we're not using mains anymore" Boy i hope Parm has the audio leak on this one.
  4. It's well documented that your clan resorts to bringing mains, gets fed up when other clans bring mains, and then plays the victim when your mains don't work out. Don't claim you're going "main-less" not even a week ago, claim you brought no mains today, then post a picture of your mains. Also, your sarcasm is quite cringy. Bad attempt to detract from the mains your members bring. Say hi to Edgi on behalf of the big dick eagles.
  5. There is truth to this. I recall on TS remy saying that LY was not willing to drop their mains while having 30 up on Foe.
  6. I like the part where you said you didn't have any mains. Peep the bottom right of this picture from your topic
  7. You should advise your leadership to keep a muzzle on those dogs of yours.
  8. Coming from an EOB member, your comment about mains is a bit rich.
  9. Let's hear that audio for today. Heard rage went from 120 to 65 in 24 hours. I would like to hear the propaganda. Thanks ol' chap
  10. Extremely organized. Very nice. Video is quite overwhelming as evidence that FOE destroyed rage this weekend. I am curious to see what Rage posts.
  11. Props to the homie with the "the main mass is bigger than the pure mass" comment! huge victim mentality in that clan. Know your place and don't step up to a legacy clan I guess
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