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  1. Is that Apex clan still around? I haven't been on for a while
  2. To be fair you made the first comment that got him going. You are the problem here. Don't like what he says? Don't reply to the topic and don't worry when he offers a reply to your insult.
  3. Apex is paying rot to camp foe Rot is now longer a relevant main clan. Bullied by other clans and can't hang anymore. Foe and Rot drama squashed long ago. See point #1 for why Rot continues to follow foe Apex hiding behind rot, has yet to claim a victory over foe in wild since rot started camping Every other clan turns a blind eye because they want a leg up. Once they've taken #1 the cycle will continue.
  4. This. Especially the part where ROT has turned into a bunch of incel school shooters with a twitter account. Bring back MattyB.
  5. Apex leaders deleting leaving/quitting topics so as to not show their members the true state of their clan.


    1. Goofyman20


      Like supremacy and fo?

  6. Apex is on suicide watch.

    PM me to join Legacy

    @Pigwrestler7@CleezyI'll put in a good word for you lads.

    1. Pigwrestler7



      Dictionary result for obsess

      past tense: obsessed; past participle: obsessed
      1. preoccupy or fill the mind of (someone) continually and to a troubling extent.
  7. @Pigwrestler7 @Cleezy I wasn't there today. is this true or propaganda?
  8. Wonder if fighting Apex out opted the last 6 weekends is equal to preps.. and winning.
  9. Apex can't admit a loss. Go to the FOE topics over the last 2 months and gratz them on their win. You won't.
  10. @Pigwrestler7this was the best leak by far.

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    2. slimjim


      The pieces cut take place during the battles.

      Do you think everyone wants to hear the drivel that is spewed to apex members while you sit in single?

      Didn't think so.

    3. toenail884cutter7


      @Pigwrestler7I can safely say that even bringing a main on the side is strictly forbidden in FOE, on the other hand I can also say this saturday apex had mains protecting them at the single line southeast of graves. And all these mains in these weekends couldnt even save your clan.

    4. Red Vision
  11. @Pigwrestler7getting hit at all angles ITT. So funny how he went from being all high and mighty with his 200 pulls, 3 clans closing into, main massing, propaganda ass all the way to absolute decimation in the last 2 months. Now he's turning his attention to another clan because he got absolutely MOLLY-WHOPPED by the big dick Foe. But hey, at least we don't have to argue with him regarding the actual win vs loss of a fight because the evidence has been overwhelming in Foe's favor. IMAGINE IF APEX MEMBERS WERE ALLOWED TO COME TO SHARKBREW AND SEE NOX'S PROPAGANDA FOR WHAT IT REALLY IS. FKIN LMAO
  12. Just growing weaker day by day
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