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  1. sweet pull yesterday brother bear. demotions incoming.
  2. @IRosswhy didn't rage just call your venezuelans like you always do to boost your numbers?

  3. I agree. Rage is in fact a budget main clan. On Saturday they were getting dominated by Foe and low and behold, their main counter went from 2 to 15 in 45 seconds.
  4. Another reminder for the community that shit clan rage needs to bring mains to compete in the pure scene. Losing to Foe at barb village and the main counter shot up from 3 ->15.


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    2. slimjim


      More of a PSA for the community, bud. Get your rune out boi



      You went to bed last night hungry thinking about how clan rage victimized you l0l.

    4. slimjim


      wow @IGNORANCEdon't you have some furrys to play with

  5. 8:45 of this video is when it all goes downhill for rage. goes from 3 mains on the counter (for a majority of the fight) to 15. who are you trying to kid?
  6. I do not see a closing topic????? pls no dox
  7. I am shocked and frightened to hear that FATALITY RUNESCAPE CLAN now engages in the doxing and ddosing of its own members.

  8. T-minus 13 days before Jamz's mental breakdown and vacation.

  9. Can someone explain why rage always has mains with them?

  10. Why are there so many mains with you every weekend?
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