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  1. My synopsis on the rage vs apex rivalry 


  2. So, FOE took a massive shit on rage's chest and now rage have been humiliated and are starting beef with Apex the green sharks because they think Apex is easy and will be easily broken by rage+vennies. RAGE YOU FUCKED UP LMFAO, APEX IS GOING TO FUCK YOU UP YOU DUMB FUCKS BRING MORE VENNIES CALL EVERY VENNY PLAYER WITH AN IQ OF A DOWNY. APEX GON CLOSE YOU LMFAO!!!!!!
  3. Holy fuck rage is fucking ass smells like rage has a lama dick in their gapping hole of a mouth l0l apex is fucking rage
  4. Rage pooped on LOL rage so fucking dog shit ROFL. Gj foc and @holydreams
  5. Please no foccy don't close us Sam will scream
  6. Looks like fi finally caved in. Who will kg bully next?
  7. Make a pure mains don't have the same activity as pure clanning
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