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  1. rot is gonna bareback rage and vengeance and there is nothing you can do about it, you will break buddy.
  2. it shows who is pound for pound without your mains. Everybody knows zenith has 50+ mains on speed dial, you have a low tier main clan that you bring with you on weekends along with 50 double logged mains from zenith. Next I wouldn't be surprised if you pull a rage and start hiring vennys. Do the 100v100 full out and prove you are better. Let's face it your clan is on zenith v9 or w/e you haven't accomplished much except closing every year. So nut up and shut up. Fi has more to lose then zenith. Fi could lose all it's hype from a full out lose as they are the favorites to win in a 100v100 vs zenith.
  3. it's a minigame that counts though. Do the 100v100 full out.
  4. zentality? it's gonna be slumptality after zenith bully you.
  5. Atleast Remi was with the times, this @Ease kid is using pastebin for logs instead of discord screenshots in 2020 LMFAO.
  6. tldr: I'm coming for [email protected] just like I came [email protected]@hotkeying l000000000000000000l
  7. stop acting like you aren't scared of apex lmfao keep flexing on them and the sharks gonna keep taking bites out of you until you look like shrek lmfa0. @Deseriewtf is this jamz kid doing?
  8. looks like fi is gonna be paying another 1b for off l0l
  9. stop using pastebin you freak we have discord now you spastic
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