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  1. Range in "lower" opts f2p fights is so useless like holy shit. Nice win Terror
  2. So..... You think clans who setup an event shouldn't team on crash? I think you need mental help. Also, why do I see mains to crash a "small pkri" like..... Are you guys just Eop JR? This is pretty disgraceful to Foe
  3. Neat Will you prep any of them in an arena with no mains or returning to display actual skill tho? Just asking for myself, the wilderness hasn't meant anything since all the ragging/teleporting / terrible scene.
  4. Just make a script/bot that scans team capes and then looks up everyone over 40 defence. That would be really interesting
  5. If your clan is ever up +30 people in a 80 vs 80, then only a terrible leader would stick around. It's clearly a W, why waste time?
  6. Idk, without a video just looks like random Propaganda from an enraged child forgetting how to turn off cap locks. Guess we'll wait for Fi's topic
  7. "It's funny to see the difference in quality between the two clans. FOE will always take the challenge against the odds and even then be the last clan standing when we have to fight an uphill battle while outnumbered." But, you won't match them 50 v 50, 75 v 75, 100 v 100 or anything to prove the quality....? Pretty fake imo
  8. Still can't believe the main community is this dead that you guys get satisfcation out of this... like come make pures and try to have fun or show you're a better clan.
  9. The Era of good clanning was over in like 2009. Clans won't team on crash due to "pride" , clans won't fight each other due to "rivaleries" which I find amusing. Clans just don't fight anymore and think Running @ each other touching tips for 10 seconds and teleporting out is fun. The community is so easy to fix if ranks of clans would actually grow up. I just don't get how members of clans actually find it okay to be Lead under such a bad image.
  10. Cool and thank you. I think a lot of people even though we're older would have continued playing in this community if events weren't so toxic. It's sad to see how it's turned.
  11. Just curious, are you the reason EOP had mains? Since you seem to have no issues being honest.
  12. Whichever clan goes up +10-15 opts imo. Realistically the opposing clan would never win down 10-15 in 2020.
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