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  1. I don't understand your mentality at all. "Apex auto accepted 3 clans smh" Like dumb ass you pull 150 and Apex managed to PULL near that and give you ACTION but your leadership is so shallow that they run at the sight of an even playing field. Don't hate Apex because they didn't pull 50 to your 150 to give you free loot. Man up and tell your leaders to handle their shit and fucking fight. I haven't been active for the last year but I have only seen FOE look like absolute pussies unless they have every advantage possible in 2018 and now 2019. What's next, you won't fight Apex unless their ranks are offline and down 40? This is literally why I can't stand Foe sometimes.
  2. Pug

    A funny / sad fact

    I haven't been in a clan for over 9 months. I'd care if you did some research my good sir. No one cares about Foe's mini wars if they won't even prep Apex.
  3. If we ever got one def worlds or "pure" worlds. I don't think Foe or Eop would be relevant outside of pulls. Both clans can't even participate in clan wars anymore where mains are pretty much impossible to bring hence showcasing that true "quality" which gets slapped by Apex / IR. But I'm just making a topic for controversial discussion so all the Foe/Eop kids can flame.
  4. Sup was always toxic even with a core of 20. Rip PX, members that deserved better.
  5. Pug

    cwa IR vs Apex F2P Prep [3-0]

    OH shit gj IR. Your binders were on point. IR vs SUP / Foe When pls
  6. Pug

    PKing Activity [September]

    I know you and I think its been a long time since we've talked. Did you used to have a pure in the scene or back in 2008?
  7. Honestly wouldn't be surprised if SUP logged into the fight with IR capes while losing to claim IR cheated. IR Ranks have played this game longer than 90% of your member base. They wouldn't use mains.
  8. So because a clan doesn't prep you and you neanderthals don't get what you want you think IR has the time to waste with you? Oh lord.
  9. That sewer fight, looks like MF and Apex were both looking for the fatality rats.
  10. Pug

    clan wars Misfits vs Supremacy | P2P PREP 3-0

    Imagine going to an Fi Rank meeting and telling one of your ranks to get defence so he can compete but when he does you blame MF. Show me proof otherwise keep giving me attention bb.
  11. Pug

    clan wars Misfits vs Supremacy | P2P PREP 3-0

    Flaming M and Sup, that will get your clan some preps. Bork bork bzzz bzzz
  12. Pug

    time to clean up

    Sounds like TWO Rejects can't handle the easier scene and need to ruin it instead of getting good. Honestly whichever ranks said it's ok to bring tanks for either clan should just get removed / quit pure clanning. How can you be that pathetic?