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  1. I mean COTM says they're not brainwashed. Good try tho new guys.
  2. Sigh, Rot Cleared by pures again. EVEN SV put up a better fight. Better retreat back to meds and tanks to beat FOE since can't do it at our level.
  3. This is silly, RoT you can't tell clans what they can or can't do with their members. If you're so GREAT then Awstin or w.e. tf his name is wouldn't make you so butthurt and afraid. Your bodies might be pushing 40 but your brains are just hitting puberty. Grow up and If ROT is such a great clan then come make pures and take over our scene, I honestly doubt you guys could even beat a Control Pker Clan. Double take, even SV made pures and fought in our scene and they were shit but at least they came down to our level under fair terms and got smacked. Lemme see some RoT Pures or are you guys not as good as you say you are at the game.
  4. Pug

    lmfao rot was ez btw

    Can't believe RoT Lost to Chinaman
  5. Pug

    The Pure World War

    I'm in your clan currently lol.....
  6. The community is boring and hasn't be unified since PCL Raw Wars. If you don't know what that is then i'm sorry little jimmy but you missed times where pure clanning was fun. If clan leaders could actually drop their egos for one community event it would be amazing. Idea 1, On a Sunday in the future have all, and i mean ALL the clan scenes xlpc,lpc,(hpc lol) come together to brawl it out in one location. Similar to red vs blue but instead of 2 teams it's just 10-15 clans all fighting whatever they see. No clan can claim a win and it would be strictly for fun / slaying pkers. Locations like White Plateau, Gdz, could be used. The event would be f2p since it is easier to afford and manage + cluster up. Idea 2, The impossible idea is having the entire community unify under 1 Team cape (MM cape for respect maybe and or it's easy to obtain) and go out to fight the mains on Sunday. Sounds obnoxious but imagine 500+ pures vs a main clan. (If mains even do wildy trips anymore idk) Yes the pures wouldn't be able to claim a win but it might be fun trying to take them down and get a decent clear. Idea 3, Keep having these wack ass F2p/P2p trips where you take an hour to mass, another to setup a fight 20 minutes later, fight for less than 30 seconds, get crashed and teleport and repeat the cycle for 2 hours. Events, fucking, suck and it's based only on which clan has more numbers every weekend and it has been this way since ~ 2016.
  7. Now I ain't a hater but good lord is Green Hat + Yellow Cape not a good mix.
  8. Rip Divine, Bet NRG members closed into them and ruined their quality for this prep looool. Looked like a solid smackdown nice win IMT.
  9. I think the funniest part of our video is watching Divine attempt to do what IMT did to them in the sewer vs Divine+NRG and last literally 5 seconds before having to dip. And you seriously don't think IMT is good for lasting almost 20+ minutes in the sewers down 15. That's funny. Rage + IMT vs Divine + NRG isn't a challenge.
  10. Losing* And Preps are just a joke in XLPC. Just spam Melee scims. Talk to me when XLPC has overheads once again and the scene requires actual talented callers to accomplish things.
  11. Love how the video doesn't actually show what happened during the Foe 1 v 1 and just cuts out to you guys saying GF with no red dots anywhere LOL. Is THIS propaganda?
  12. I'd actually love to see this prep again with Overheads on. XLPC scene looks like whomever is 99 str and under 65 cb wins preps. Pretty much all rng / no real skill involved.
  13. Always posting about IMT even when they're not there. Desperate to get an imaginary W I see.