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  1. damn bro no foe offical on a non hider account acknowledging this post hella quiet from foe hq mad weird dude
  2. damn dude, i really been leaking to FI thats fucking awkward @K2P
  3. sup k2p why u hiding boy theres a reason why foe members keep asking where i've been and what happened. why im being banned from cc, and why im being banned from forums. u look stupid bro. U actually took the time to make a SB hider account cuz u cant be a man and talk to me LOL
  4. cant silence me here can u? @K2P I came back to FOE ex as an ex HC wanted to do things for the clan and get my rank back. Was active from June 2020 until till today when I found out I was being called a leak, and banned from Foe forums/teamspeak for voicing my opinion. FOE leadership is so bad at catching leaks, they're blaming old foe members that have been in the clan for a decade FOE leadership has little to no respect for their elders, even that call them out on bringing mains to trips. I've literally spied in FI and came back to foe just to be trolled/banned. They have zero respect for their members/elders unless they can benefit them. its no wonder Jordai stepped down. this dude was nervous af to make an impact in the clan. He did his best and carried foe throughout 2020. Wonder why he stepped down? it's cuz he had little to no help from the deadweight leadership foe is today. K2p CLEARLY giving up spies in other clans. Danny being an absolute mute during trips showing up 20 mins late every fucking weekend. And u wonder why Jordai felt like everything was on him? Because he was literally the only one keeping foe together. The same way Adhi, Divine, And Remy kept foe together. There's no teamwork and you all rely on one person. When will Foe leadership work as a team and stop being toxic? This is what happens when you let a shit clan that we closed like tlp become a leader in your clan. This is what happens when you let a breaker like @holydreamswho left for mm lead your clan. old leadership won't stand for the bullshit and I'm glad I left foe, the toxic clan you turned it into keep bringing mains because you're just adding to the toxic pure scene today. great job guys. Maybe if you focused on quality and not quantity/meds you wouldn't be the laughing stock of the pure community when it comes to clw. and you wont accept any fullout or matched clw "preps" only "big minis" because you're too pussy to lose and admit your quality is dogshit. get good conform more
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