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  1. Discord: https://discord.gg/tfJ4gtg l Forums: http://tr-clan.co.uk/ l Most Athletic warzone clan Organised a CWA against our mates Wilderland having never battled them before in CWA we didn't really know what to expect. Both sides pulled well allowing for a nice 30v30. Ended up taking the 3-0 W, thanks for the battle gamers. Video: coming soon
  2. DeathRow decided to hit us up for a P2P CWA which we gladly accepted having beaten them 3-0 in F2P weeks back we aimed to do the exact same. We started off cutting 15 people to match their 18 man pull, all rounds were fairly competitive we ended up taking the win 3-0. Thanks for the fight. Videos:
  3. TEAM NAME: The Rising LIST UP TO 3 OFFICIALS DISCORD ID: Slowky#0001 Michael#3548 Ethan#5230
  4. DeathRow hit us up for a F2P CWA given that we are pretty rusty we expected a difficult fight. Both sides pulled well which allowed for a good battle we ended up taking home the 3-0 Win. Thanks for the fight Videos:
  5. Organised a spur 30 minute multi spells battle against Wild Might, clashed east off 44's and battled cleanly for 30 minutes. Thanks for the scrap pals Videos: Pictures
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