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  1. It's interesting to see this new rivalry come out out of the blue considering the (now ex I guess) relations between you guys. Good to see though, higher pulling clans really should be going at each other.
  2. It would be great to have a system like that back. Cotm has been pretty average at best, removed and replaced countless times due to its faults and also seems to reward clans starving eachother. Eg; nobody really p2p preps apex due to fear of loss, etc etc. Makes it quite simple and less risk to just prep average clans, farm wins etc. This would be nice
  3. Yeah it seems on par with what we did to fi years back. Leaked their shit, then a week later leaked newer shit about them thinkong that they were all secure. Rookies..
  4. Hoping this will soon mean that mains will stick to the main scene and vice versa. Then all we need to do is deal with venezuala
  5. It's weird to think that people still assume that admin log leaks correlate with a lower weekend pull/slump. It was a funny read, that's pretty much it.
  6. Big grats to winners! But I wonder if these tournies would feel more fair for people if instead of stopping at the end of the round robin, there's a knockout for the top four.
  7. Considering the social justice warrior approach against legacy when zenith leaked that they ddosed one of their own members, what is sharkbrew going to do about all of this information of nh actions fo do their own as well as doxing rage [email protected]
  8. Notice how they then proceeded to lose to pretty much every clan in a p2p prep since those logs and now you never see any cwa preps? Now the nigga's mia leaving discord since a member flamed him and his clan doesn't have glory to hunt
  9. I think the fact that some of these clans pre-emptively plan on teaming on others during the weekend is the issue. It's been years since clans have been independent. I imagine one of the reason clan wars is pretty dead and most seem scared of it is because people like k2p can't slide into cookies dm and put the siren on during a cwa fight. Hopefully clans will start working on their own, and also decide to drop the excessive mains and vennies in the near future.
  10. These logs show an awful lot of main bringing and teaming going on from fo hq, what's with that..
  11. It's about time somebody posted some good banter around here. Good job on the networking
  12. It's a shock that something like this wasn't crashed. These rivalries are supposed to be intense smh
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