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  1. Bringing back elders to suicide to fi and they stil don't call Remy back... way to leave out the expert
  2. Could go back one year and you wouldn't be able to tell any time has passed, fo still seem to be losing
  3. This is almost as bad as tattedmuscle streaming zenith getting slayed every weekend
  4. Wooden clogs, wooden bucket, just need someone to be a wooden shield
  5. It's quite a telling sign when you look at the pure clans that aligned with rot and where they are now. Should've just remained like fi and co and been independent
  6. They lost 25v1 holy shit. I imagine this is why they refuse to prep fatality nowadays
  7. I don't see @Godfatherdying for multiple +1s and losing every ns war like nox (ex-havoc member)? You're slacking pixel, at this rate you will never be like the rancher...
  8. eop is dead and foe is the best pure clan of all time lmfao.


    foe will be here till the year 2100. maybe u should ask why rage pulled 20 and wasted the last 3 years LMFAO

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    2. Chief


      also there is no denying that foe is the best pure clan of all time lol @Murdstop acting like it's any different

    3. Murd


      You sound like an angry ex 👺 

    4. Murd


      One would have assumed the PTSD from a video game would have passed for you lads by now, apparently not 🤣

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