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  1. eop is dead and foe is the best pure clan of all time lmfao.


    foe will be here till the year 2100. maybe u should ask why rage pulled 20 and wasted the last 3 years LMFAO

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    2. Chief


      also there is no denying that foe is the best pure clan of all time lol @Murdstop acting like it's any different

    3. Murd


      You sound like an angry ex 👺 

    4. Murd


      One would have assumed the PTSD from a video game would have passed for you lads by now, apparently not 🤣

  2. Kudos for the clean pure action, hopefully it expands in the future and we can return to everybody killing eachother in clanwars
  3. Can I get another bump for my fellow retards and I?
  4. Ngl the anti retard alliance could do with a psychiatrist after the suicides that were committed yesterday, good lad
  5. Damn, how are Apex getting gearcapped by Fatality when jamz loses at least two +1s a trip no wonder they wont prep fi!
  6. Sounds very similar to when he was in zenith and teleported to the duel arena in pvp with a 500m donation, how did people know where he was...
  7. Usually when you mass up for an hour to go ns with a 4 clan alliance you last longer than 8 minutes The retards steal the anti retard alliance's lunch money, again!
  8. A very selective screenshot still looks a lot better than 40vs40 2v2s in cwa between clans with a combined age of 50 on weekends
  9. I mean apex have gone from being a top matched clan to losing to the 14th iteration of zenith (who a bunch of retards and revbots in og defeated) our retards do more cwa than a cwa clan!!
  10. "I did not have an auth" "didnt think it was needed since I had all these steps". Fuck me, normally victim blaming isn't the way but seriously... you assume a login and password is enough security, yet you rivalled EoP...? God bless, if exilent hacked people who talked shit on it there would be people with bils getting smoked. @slushpuppyI think this topic should be deleted because it's blatantly an over emotional reaction from someone who never used 2FA and most likely had his info connected somewhere as others have said. It's rather unfair to allow this defamation remain, @ZENITH HEAD LAWYERsummed it up perfectly. Honestly just sounds like another reddit pleb crying because they've had the option to secure their account for years but went on naively and got juiced.
  11. Man do not remind me, I think 80% of fo still have PTSD from it and haven't logged in since their anni should turn into a memorial instead
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