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  1. Good to see fo finally re-entering clan wars after all this time, with how they were going I honestly thought it'd reach the 2 year mark before this matchup would happen. Grats godkings apex and good job to both clans!
  2. Should just make lpc snipe teams. F2p I imagine would be fun to snipe if you dont pull and p2p you can snipe hella loot
  3. 1-5 defence worlds would be ideal but there would be very little way to get them implemented. For pure clanning it would work out great but for the overall game integrity it would create unfair advantages/botting hotspots in competitive areas. The worlds would have to be content locked to the point where the only thing you could do is PvP, otherwise the worlds would get abused.
  4. Must be the new motto of you can't lose preps if you don't prep
  5. Nice job on the action! Out of curiosity, didn't you guys have a prep vs FO organized?
  6. Whoever made that has some pretty good banter!
  7. If true, best of luck because it's a very fruitful time for pure clans
  8. It's like uploading 2 losing rounds from separate preps, should really be titled 2-4 Rounds
  9. Good fun, enjoyed fighting matched or even down opts because those clusters were glorious. Loving the clean pure vs pure action going on in the clan world rn, I guess that's what happens when the main bringers are occupied with mains!
  10. They should fly @Jamzout to them, 50 for the price of 1. That's a good bang for your buck
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