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  1. You already posted twice on our topic l0l We blow the dog whistle, you fetch us the sharkshekles
  2. That sure stopped fatality! 30 people in a clump was still more than zenith and apex combined! (Apex join.me pov btw l0l) @Danny Phantomwalks in a 120 man fall in in multi, 30 man clumps are nothing lilguy!
  3. Zenith used to rush their aftermath straight after trips, now we're lucky to see a zenith aftermath posted at all
  4. When you have high quality, high quantity content, the files are usually bigger than the likes of low quality, low quantity content!
  5. @Fake Smiledude you should stick to moderating the sharkbrew wiki because clanning definitely isn't your strong point l0l
  6. @Ram @Mercy @Baller Army how did you guys only pull 50 today? We doubled your pull lol...
  7. I love how the best apex and zenith could do together was 20 combined ending vs 70+ fatality!
  8. Completely missed this comment; My man you're a wiki moderator on a 2007 wizarding guild fan site calling other people 34 year old losers l0l
  9. Yo @Fake Smilehurry up and update the wiki for fo and their admin leak slave
  10. @Fake Smileare you stalking like a crazy ex gf, some of those pics are over 5 years old on this website...
  11. Yo @Fake Smileif you want more 5+ year old posts of mine about fatality, EoP forums are public! Thanks for the free rent son...
  12. Sadly that greatness fi achieved didn't correlate with the bday warlord era, now you have the same eop in zenith! Now take the bait and give me my sharksheckles!
  13. Ye I killed fi 3 years ago, zenith killed you 2 months ago l0l Half your ranks are eop btw
  14. After seeing fom viciously attack innocent fatality members with mains unprovoked yesterday, I see no problem with preparing for the worst just like with scummy zenith!
  15. It was sad to see fom had decided to already use mains against fatality completely unprovoked, hopefully this won't continue so we can have clean pure vs pure action! Hoping they show a bit more energy than they did when they awkwardly lost their latest rivalry to zenith v14 tbh
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