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  1. Since it has successfully happened before, I imagine the scene will refresh and go back to 1-5 Defence. Sadly, it could've already but people are so high strung about having a defence advantage over one another they refuse to make the move. I can see a lot of people getting 30 Defence just because there's going to be new armour, and with how obsolete it will be for clanning the whole 3o defence movement would be redundant and hopefully make people reconsider being a real pure.
  2. Thanks to all clans for the fights! I'm hoping 2020 will bring about more independence for clans, rather than the recent fad of alliances in just about every fight this year.
  3. Nothing personal, but you're starting to look like one of those dudes that have an attention deficit and seeking a boost to their ego. Don't go along the path of the crazy ex okay Sharkbrew needs to become great again with quality content!!
  4. Here I was expecting some juicy leaks that would send sup to the shadow realm and all we got was a diary entry F M L give us the juice
  5. This sort of topic tells me you're probably going to accumulate a long clan history within a years' time. Regardless, best of luck on receiving contracts!
  6. Murd

    weekend .

    Is this a third party?
  7. When EoP was around the same thing would happen most of the time, including most of EoP's sharkbrew ranks getting removed just for talking about mains (whether it was retaliation or simply threats). For the sustainability of the pure community, taking action against the EoP/CD people who were doing this was beneficial, and if it was continued then maybe there would be less of the cancer around (or at least this website/discord would be free from it). However, now it seems to be cherry picking for who to take action against. Realistically, that same amount of punishment should have continued because now the main/tank issue is worse than it was with the 'cancer' clans around. It would be nice to see a replenishment of the scene, and imo purging mains and heading back to 1-5 defence would be ideal, albeit very optimistic.
  8. I remember a while ago there was a pretty much 0 tolerance for mains/talking about mains/threatening to use mains against other around here. Now it seems to be some of the most common content. Has that policy changed recently so that it's now acceptable? The answer for the poll would really depend on that.
  9. If it was another clan wasting a spy on an event that they weren't even involved in.. that's a rookie move by someone with some serious OCD over runescape
  10. Fun battle, good that we were able to turn the smoke around this time! It will be interesting to see how our next knock out prep will go vs ape clan.
  11. Hopefully the community watchlist returns if these allegations are true, there are too many minors in the community that could fall victim to a child predator... #makesharkbrewgreatagain
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