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  1. EoP wins again, both at clanning and bringing more mains than fo (purely in retaliation because fo started using mains). Wish they'd stop bringing mains so we can have some clean pure vs pure action atm
  2. Gotta still have hope for lost souls man. You never know, maybe one day they'll see more to it than the generic "EoP are only clan who bring main lol main clan we are all pure". But tbh you might be right, with all this evidence of fo and sup bringing mains yet they still attempt to claim they don't, it might be a long time and a 5 minutes well wasted.... wish they would just take responsibility for their actions atm...
  3. Bro you can understand why they're that bad, they thought running south of gap with 30 (15 mains) people to try gwas 100 EoP would actually work. Some clans leave great legacies, others ruin them.
  4. Look buddy, you should really read my proper posts if you're going to bring yourself up to my level and attempt to rebut what I'm saying (normally that would suggest analyzing them for what is said and citing this, and not shitposting like a stereotypical 'dweeb' imitates those who have ptsd from pure clanning). I've said numerous times I advocate the use of EoP mains any time a clan uses mains against EoP (that must have slipped past you). I've also offered promising suggestions that could solve the issue of mains, but every time they are given it's only people who are in or support fo or sup (in this example you) who will attempt to refute it for no logical reason (the same people who claim they want mains gone, derailing that discussion, an irony). It's a very hypocritical topic, but realistically I and others in EoP have openly admitted to using mains in these retaliatory circumstances. We have also welcomed others to admit their part in the cancer and work towards removing mains, however the problem is nobody else is at the level to where they want to both admit it and stop it. Going off of history (this means prior to 2017 if you couldn't comprehend), any time EoP is strictly pure they get sniped by mains from their rivals. It seems the only effective way of stopping these pesky clans from using mains against EoP is to retaliate exponentially, which has proven time and time again to be effective in either; closing the rivals, or slumping them into nothingness so they have no incentive to continue using mains against EoP. But where's the fun in that? If only they listened and dropped their mains when asked in the first place, there would be healthy competition. I'll advocate the heckity heck out of mains being used against fo every time we see anything more than a (0) on their cape counter, if you want to keep crying because that hurts your feelings or because you're some lower-class fom slave, then please continue! I do enjoy a good debate but you've got to bring more than a one eyed bully-victim's view of 2017 to the table mate...
  5. I see the smokey smoke on fo rn............
  6. The last number of weeks, fo, sup (maybe you include(?)) have been all for him bringing his mains to snipe EoP. Correct me if I'm wrong but there's been occasions where he's even been in fo ts with them. The load may not be comparable but the concept is; if you bring mains or support mains being brought for your clan against EoP, it is more than likely EoP will bring many more.
  7. When I read the earliest date that you cite is April 2017 (must be when you were introduced into the pure community or something) Little man knows very little...
  8. One time I almost orgasmed when I secured myself my 3rd fo leak, which was shortly followed by a promotion on an online runescape guild which further increased the measurement of my now enormous e-schlong.
  9. baddy..... maybe if you stopped bringing mains you would stop getting camped so heavily by them in return!
  10. @Jimbo man please tell me I didn't trigger you into emotionally posting a topic in response...
  11. Yo man show me that pic that had our (65) mains, I would like to see fom's 0... The reason why you are never going to get anywhere is because a majority of fom members live under their angelic ideology that they aren't a dirty clan when in reality, they're one of dirtiest. You'll keep seeing those mains because you are still instigating and refusing to take responsibility for what you are doing. You don't get rewarded when you tell porkies (pun intended)! Edit: Found it. You can't even tell the truth on a paragraph of you preaching and pleading so why should anybody from EoP consider what you say?
  12. Gotta give a benefit of the doubt to the intellectually disabled, you think I wanna go to hell?
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