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  1. You're replies are making you out to be the insecure one brother, particularly by the posting and log off on forums And why a few months? Why not make it now slowpoke
  2. Not sure what those clans were thinking, they truly embarrassed themselves
  3. Damn, I didn't know that we were allowed to use troll accounts again @slushpuppyis this true?
  4. Damn so fo frame their own members and ex ranks, and then try spread dox information and flame them? Pretty fucked up..
  5. I'm not sure if there is an oof in existence that would cover this one @Proccy
  6. Killing some rot meds so they can pm rev for off saying they were sniping everyone and not just rev/rage? Pretty typical of fo ngl
  7. Damn @ELEKTHEGREATyou really did gwas [email protected] into making a 300 word essay. Take it easy on the fs lad elek , he was one of the weak ones!
  8. It was juggled a year or so ago but certain clans were against it. The irony here is that the scene went 20def again because of wanting an advantage over 1 def with 20 def cwa accounts, yet barely anybody does cwa now.
  9. Nice essay, next time use harvard style and dont forget the bibliography didnt read btw
  10. Didn't fudog and some other fo kids dox someone in rot last year?
  11. @slimjim did you know you're the rank danny got demoted to when he was leader?
  12. Didn't you bring 60 mains vs fi on their anni last year completely unprovoked though?
  13. Must be a pretty bad feeling having 100 mains and getting put to 10 pures ingame #justfothings
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