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  1. Looked as clean as our fullout win vs fi [email protected] @foxy
  2. It's quite strange that despite being targeted and teamed on 3v1 by clans that dislike them, rage is coined as an alliance today. Hopefully in the future these clans will opt for clean 1v1 action instead of relying on minion clans!
  3. The people complaining about it have that amusing yet familiar victim mentality to them...
  4. Very strong pulls for a midweek prep, high foot preps need to happen more than bulk 20v20s man
  5. @[email protected] when you gotta call up mother EoP to let her know how your clanning situation is going
  6. Nice job. Good to see people taking action against mains going out primarily to snipe and aid pure clans.
  7. Clan C aids clan A against clan B one week. Clan B does the same back to clan C another week. And vice versa. wOW tEaMInG fAGs uR gOnnA dIe fOr THiS Welcome to 2020, where good banter has left the shores and we're stuck with this awkward stuff.
  8. I mean you'd be living under a rock if you thought fo didnt bring mains, and same with most other clans. It's very rare to see a main free fight or a 1v1 fight where a clan doesn't bail another clan out these days. Until people agree or negotiate like rational beings, this is pure clanning. Theres been a number of times leadership's could have done something but they decided they wanted to keep their mains and stay away from a 1 def scene. Nothing much else to be done, it's a weird main infested scene nowadays and you gotta make lemonade with what you have.
  9. Damn, nobody seems to do high opt preps these days. And damn, somebody took a round off apex
  10. Didnt you post the dox of someone from a rival clan a couple of months ago man... These docs battles gotta stop
  11. It seems to be a very vague list that seems to base rankings on only a few events/moments. If this was prior to 2012 then it would probably sound a little more accurate but things are definitely a lot different when you implement osrs into the equation.
  12. I think sharkbrew should go back to taking a stance against main bringers instead of allowing it to be common practice. @Parmneeds to be gatekeeper again tbh
  13. It's nice to see the lack of mains from fo this time (especially considering the number that seemed to be camping them during the fight), good job on your trip!
  14. @Godfathermissing when eop was the worst clanhat the pure community had ever seen rn..
  15. Sounds like there's some people in the community gathering ips and interfering in preps again. It feels like this kind of thing hasn't been much of an issue for a while so it's unfortunate that it's starting up again. Nevertheless, grats on the big W!
  16. I thought the boy fudog said fo were gonna control the p2p event today wtf
  17. It's hard to say for the wildy fights considering there really weren't any memorable wilderness fights that excluded mains/alliances. And there really weren't that many preps this year to really consider being great. Hopefully 2020 brings some much needed positivity to the scene!
  18. Only one black eye? I got two and he still loves me lmao pussy...
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