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  1. this might be the cringiest thing ive seen posted on this site, i cant believe you thought this was a good look
  2. @Htownyou are making us (Fi) look bad just stop

  3. imagine thinking you did anything to foe lmfao. last i checked they made you go from 120--30 pulls in 2019 and 2020.
  4. i am in fi lmfao. but I absolutely destroyed rage in 2 rivalries with foe. and we both know you won't touch fi
  5. nobody cares about comments on sharkbrew lmao, not my fault you cry if i remind you fi shits on you
  6. - Proud ex-Sergeant of Excel - Ex-officer of Legacy - Ex-council of Legacy - Ex Viking of Vengeance. - Proud Bear in Rage
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