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  1. Moe


  2. @Mustafa stay losing to blunt pureZ l0l u actual loser 

  3. First of all its Foe, dont forget the ELITE. You actually called in 6 clans into 1 cape.. We got footage where u get cleared in 30 mins and u guys return in rags for 3-5 hours.. And we still played ur little game from CA to Corp and clapped all of you over and over.. Please take ur shit clan somewhere else because u guys arent even near our caliber.
  4. Moe

    Apex Scared?

    u take some guy named LIT-Files srsly? cmon lol (LIT-Files!)
  5. Moe

    some1 update me plz

    Ok dude, did u forget that ur members logged in on tanks, and were 1 iteming aswell. Lol. this dude literally vidded on his tank. (mfw)
  6. Moe

    some1 update me plz

    holy fuck how brainwashed are u l0l, u literally sat at ditch with 20 people to our 100?? Also we were down 50 at the start, how do u expect us to have matched opts l0l
  7. Moe

    some1 update me plz

    lmao "we had over 100 on ts, We never ended" etc. Apex ended with 120 on ts, 100 ingame. Fo 40 ingame, 90 on ts?
  8. 175 last week, 150 this week, on ts. You on the other hand 60 last week, 40 this week. god fkin bless LOL keep losing to blunt purez l0000l
  9. Lmfao look at this guy giving big suc to fo l0l
  10. ignore that slowie, we were down 50 at the start lmao, he expects us to have matched opts at all times l0l