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  1. nope their s a project in the making already secured the w
  2. feels good to be able to raid anytime i want, and still be #1 P2P. 

    1. Down Opts

      Down Opts

      2 years undefeated?

  3. hmmmm looking forward to another tourny sig thanks in advance gl to everyone
  4. Apex is the best p2p pure clan to ever touch runescape.com (java paint game) 

  5. FOE, instead of keeping your memebrs demoralized as fuck by getting steam puffed by ROT, why don't you grow some fucking nuts and prep apex both servers we even will do your days as long as its p2p followed by f2p quit ducking pussies 

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    2. Tyga


      @Pigwredtler7 rot is mad because we had a rank who was in a main clan that they were targeting. So stfu lmao.

    3. Sliq


      @N Rangesfunny how you said ROT.. it takes a main clan to do it becuase no other pure clan is able to.. Shitpex

    4. Pigwrestler7


      @Tygaexactly my point? Nothing to do with apex whatsoever but your ranks would have you believe we are somehow involved with it.

      Pretty great to see the glory hunters leave and your arrogant clan slowly crumble tho - it is what it is I guess.

  6. mix the scene up maybe a clan that can give apex a good p2p prep still waiting for foe to quit dodging nox's pms but w e i hope this works out change things up a little and maybe bring back some old faces
  7. Apex is willing to prep FOE on the days of their choice as long as its p2p first yall been hiding for 8 months crying about friday p2p so now we accept your days mon-thursday and now yall hiding what excuse will come next? refer to apex forums public topic called "pathetic" logs clearly showing foe is hiding still . Monday - Thursday anyday you want aslong as p2p is first. let me see the excuses why you wont accept fucking pussys 

  8. just got back from tattoo parlour, got Astralis tattoed on my shaft btw golden ticket to finals no ishy
  9. l000l 8Pint foe lover gets kicked from his precious clan r0fl.


    BTW. gl joining anyother clan every one thinks your a dumb fucking degenerate rat. KYP 

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    2. Big Bad Eagle

      Big Bad Eagle

      Apex got railed by FOE and now we have plebs like n ranges and anton trying to hide behind ROT l0l fucking betas

    3. N Ranges

      N Ranges

      sounds like your mad that ROT is shoving their cock up your cheeks and no one is intervening and allowing it ;) keep fucking those dogs rot your doing a great job.

    4. Tango Wins Again

      Tango Wins Again

      agree gaypex ded

  10. 6:30 PM EST Friday P2P first and we will give them f2p the following week any day of the week they want anytime
  11. no one gives a fuck now shut your rat mouth bitchboy
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