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  1. love bathing in my white straight money @ me if mad pussys

    1. Wee-Bey


      the fuck is white str8 money? l0l cringe as status, neck it

    2. N Ranges

      N Ranges

      mind manipulated you into commenting on a status update. stop letting me joystick your brain into keystrokes mate. 1-0 but no ones shocked.

  2. squaded the fook up lmk if you want it irl aswell
  3. shooters guna shoot , @me if your mad
  4. Hope the GFX'er for this 15v15 tourney has been coming up with some nasty apex work for the win. Also curious to see how many people drop out of tournament to avoid an impenetrable wrath of apex's superior soldier PS. @Me if you know your going to get dicked 

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    2. N Ranges

      N Ranges

      im 6ft 4 150 pts im actually very underweight but im good looking make good money drive a cadillac and get bitches and im better then legit 99% of every one that plays runescape so yeh 

    3. Royce


      Kk, but did I ask?

    4. N Ranges

      N Ranges

      yes for lessons that you cant afford kekw

  5. welcome fellow fammiliar soliders
  6. start getting creative ideas ready for the apex sig thanks in advance
  7. all i gotta say is riley and i dont lose when we play together.
  8. tell them again riley about how easy it was
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