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  1. i pked 51m and won a 20m 2v2 tourny today lmk how you day was 

    1. Lee


      i put off doing my final projects yeet

    2. Jaya Bee

      Jaya Bee

      got to sleep about 14 hours after my finals grind 

  2. Sundays are headed in the right direction unmatched clw fights no crash tyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy <333333333

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    2. Shoan


      right after you explain this @GlGGS  all jokes aside, how did you lose? their leader sounds like a 11 year old girl 


    3. RNG


      @GIGGS we know your snipe team is shit and fo is irrelevant lmfao 1-4 p2p against us ty 4 belt plz decline a 4th fullout in a row thanks.

    4. Shoan


      way to tap out so quick @GIGGS retard, both your clan and team is horse shit lmao




  3. N Ranges

    Dream rank lineup

    Leaders Nox Clan Wars Dull Wilderness High Councils Borzor Behind the Scenes Colin Recruit / Forum / Lead Events Warlord Timz back up call P2P for Nox Councils Jhin N Tonic Competent Lee Carries whats left of Fatality Officers
  4. N Ranges


    re open rd and prep apex p2p ty
  5. N Ranges

    OP mini gear?

    Mauls , Kodai, Ballista OFF - Scim optional Mages use SOTD Sfers use Master Wand TY
  6. 80 dry then i hit an arcane... shit game tbh

  7. N Ranges

    Penguins Vs Supremacy P2P Miniwar 2-0 ft. perfection

    i dont think you have the p2p skill level to bully any one into retirement jsing.
  8. that is an incredible clan gotta say
  9. N Ranges

    Should Phoenix Reopen?

    be nice to see more lpc clans open and be action ultimately just means more action for pure scene so yeah open
  10. N Ranges

    weekend F2P Hybrids Pk Trip - 6 years strong family baby

    very unfortunate tb isn't f2p ...
  11. youll need to give me a account and lots of gp to get me their jsing