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  1. Update to some orders that I've completed! ~Online, taking orders right now!
  2. yep, here's my thread: https://www.sythe.org/threads/kidjohnz-designs-guaranteed-high-quality-100-professional-1200-orders-pp-btc/
  3. Thanks, I think I did a couple of designs for Cutthroat before, I illustrated a Shark and a small fish with cutthroat written on the Shark before. Thanks, I'm glad you liked the end product! It was really a pleasure working with you!
  4. Sure, shoot me a PM with your design concept, and we can start from there.
  5. I could edit that request in with the approval of the original commissioner haha.
  6. I thought I'd share my progress with the 3 clan banners that I've illustrated over the past year. You can see the sort of a evolution in the way I color between the 3 illustrations lol I would like to thank @Evan @Backstabbed @keefnfor giving me the chance to make these pieces. I hope there's more to come in 2019!
  7. Kidjohnz

    Becoming a Graphics Designer

    Hi I am a gfx artist pls rank pls.
  8. Pixel art (avatars) starting at $10 (can be animated as well)!
  9. You can add me, here are some illustrated Youtube stuff that I've done. https://kidjohnz.weebly.com/portfolio.html