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  1. You can add me, here are some illustrated Youtube stuff that I've done. https://kidjohnz.weebly.com/portfolio.html
  2. Thank you , just updated the thread for additional pixel art
  3. Quality Designs at Affordable Prices! Pixel Art Prices start at $12+ Illustrations starts at $20+ (Contact me for negotiation) Skype: Pokehacks Discord: kidjohnz#8541 (ID:275518010851196929)
  4. Kidjohnz

    showcase Sharkbrew's Logo

    Thanks mate! It's been a while since I went on there. Been busy with finals, will be sure to pay a visit! Yeah, it's kidjohnz#8541
  5. Kidjohnz

    showcase Sharkbrew's Logo

    I finished the new Sharkbrew's logo back in May, a complete revamp for the site's mascot. Any suggestions/C&C would be appreciated.
  6. Kidjohnz

    Supremacy Clan Banner [Illustration] | Jungle Theme

    Gotcha, I opted out for an already made font rather than drawing the text/logo is because I'm not all that good with text alignment, and animal drawings aha. Haha thanks man! Oh, he is? It was so hard for me to get the positions and ways it is held properly. Had to redraw it so many times lmao. Now that you mention it, I might change up a certain things about the piece. Maybe the facial expressions a bit, and the banners over the weekend. Thanks mate, appreciate the positive words. Haha made me lol inrl. Yeah, the idea was that the team was going through the jungle with their loyal mascot (the tiger) about to take on a terrifying foe. I might make changes to their faces afterwards.
  7. Just finished up a Supremacy jungle themed clan banner. Let me know what you guys think. @Backstabbed is a real easy guy to work with, straight to the point, quick feedbacks, and was patient with the entire process of the illustration. School work and finals had me delay some of the project checkpoints, and even so Phil had no problems with any of the delays, thanks for being so understanding and patient throughout the process. It was a pleasure to work with you and the Supremacy clan to make this!