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  1. everyone wants you on their forums Kimberly
  2. You are right, but supremacy's fault for continuing? is the prep not supposed to be 2 rounds to solidify the win? Cp cheated round 1 with clear evidence, resulting in the round given to sup (with logs provided of them breaking set rules) Round 2 supremacy won Round 3= irrelevant? I agree with you, but it makes sense that they continued the prep.
  3. Supremacy wins again not surprising. Cp can't pull over 25 without 5 invites, thats still not surprising either.
  4. Seems like you turned eop's foreheads red haha forced them to spam their brown sticky stuff topic with their 5 pictures.
  5. Supremacy has literally never lost in anything to doom, good job on the beating you gave this garbage clan once more lol.
  6. Gj guys looks like you are obviously winning this rivalry again lmfao
  7. ruin would be the last clan anyone would join Not surprised the brown sticky stufftiest mpc and the brown sticky stufftiest hpc decided to share nipples and suck each other off for more pulls.
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