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  1. holydreams

    Uh Oh

    U wish
  2. holydreams

    Legacy VS. Apex - P2P Mini - 2-0

  3. holydreams

    weekend Final Ownage Elite ends Apex' pk trip

    U really must have something against foe LMFAO
  4. holydreams

    Picture perfect

    Lmfao apex is the worst wildy clan
  5. holydreams

    What does Apex think of their mains?

    This is actually fucking hilarious all the people posting in the screenshots above now support mains and care so much about beating foe sadly, apex doesn’t have what it takes to beat foe in a rivalry just realise u fucked up
  6. holydreams

    "The Great War"

    There’s a difference between 100 and 20. We fought down 40 against them in f2p and 30 in p2p though
  7. holydreams

    A Step in the Right Direction

    L0l froobo
  8. holydreams

    New LPC Pure Clan

  9. holydreams

    cwa Final Ownage Elite vs Supremacy F2P Prep 2-1

    Giggs crazy binder
  10. holydreams

    Why do we clan?

    Hey @Collycan you accept my discord request thanks
  11. holydreams

    Why do we clan?

    I mean I’ve tried for a week now to reach out to Apex ranks and discuss dropping the mains. Instead you have Nox being fed tactics by Tyler dull about havin mains ready to log into the fight. i already told everyone Foe will have no mains so let’s see what card Apex plays
  12. Hopefully all clans Drop the mains !