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  1.  Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Monday, 9th March: Final Ownage Elite once again mass up 30 elites for a Monday Midweek. The trip started off with us trolling aoaatube's stream After that we hit up the caves and cleared zenith a few times. Finally we topped off the trip with a PKRI vs zenith at fog in PVP where we fought down 5-10 but nevertheless were the last clan standing. Apex also made a short appearance but they didn't last long. Thanks for the action Zenith! ~ K2P ~ Real Me
  3. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Sunday, March 29th: Final Ownage Elite once again massed up 170+ elites, this time for P2P, to continue the celebration of our 15 Year Anniversary. With more Retired and Oldschool Members + Ranks who weren't able to make the F2P trip, we set out to commemorate the years of success that FOE has achieved due to our most loyal community over the years. FOE has always been known for our status as P2P Legends and today we were able to show all our older members how FOE still does it today. A nice reminder to all of them on how FOE always stood strong in the Wilderness back in the days and feasted in P2P. Matched with yesterday's pull of F2P, we set out today hoping that other clans would team on us because they all had more members. No other clans grew the balls to team on us sadly, but that did not stop us from getting the most action today. From the instant clans moved into multi, we made sure we would be there in order to wipe them off the map. We got countless clears on all the clans and there was a stage where some would fight back, only to get run over by the flood of FOE on the map. When most clans ended, we moved to Clan Wars to have a 60v60 Oldschool vs New Era battle in Clan Wars yet again. I'd like to thank every single FOE elite for coming this weekend to both trips. Whether you are an old timer or a new member, you made this weekend one to remember for sure. It was nice seeing so many old faces, and we wish you the best in life if that was your last ever FOE event. Never forget: NEVER CHEAT, NEVER LIE, FINAL OWNAGE, TIL' I DIE. Put together by one of the many amazing members we have been graced with over the Years, a FOE Movie for the Weekend by Isaak. ~Jordai ~Isaak ~Erik ~Brian ~Cardi (Weekend Recap) ~Heism (Prep) ~Erik (Prep)
  4. HOW IS JUICY A COMMUNITY SPONSOR? I'd like to report this cunt for abusing his position in sharkbrew and fooling everyone. He has somehow managed to weasel his way into a community sponsor and steal money from clueless, innocent individuals who have no idea of his past. He shouldn't be affiliated at all with sharkbrew services. admitting to IP grabbing? admitting to scamming? get rid of this guy.
  5. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Saturday, March 28th: Final Ownage Elite massed up 170+ elites for F2P to celebrate our 15 Year Anniversary, creating history yet again by setting one of the biggest Milestones out of any existing community. It's not everyday you can take pride in being a part of a community that has existed for so long, on top of that also being the most dominant Pure Clan in the history of the game. Over the past 15 Years, FOE has achieved pure greatness, accomplishments that no other clan will ever be able to match. Today was quite a special day as we were graced by the presence of over 70 Retired Members and Ranks who were either a part of our OSRS dominance for the past few years, or even dating further back and who represented FOE in the glory days of pre-EOC. Whether you were an old elite who came back to relive some great memories or have only recently begun your journey in FOE, we thank you for making this community what it was in the past, what it is today and for giving it all your support. We thank you for having that FOE PRIDE that makes the clan the strongest of them all. We had one primary intention today, the reunion of elites from all eras, for the celebration of 15 Years of Final Ownage Elite. With one of FOE's biggest pulls in its history, we set out today hoping that other clans would team on us and fight. Unfortunately, some of the Anti-FOE clans (Rage + Fatality) didn't even manage to get close to competing with us today, proving that FOE at its peak is just unstoppable and the greatest of all time. We did what we could before clans ran in fear, running into every fight we found and pushing clans out of the wilderness. When most clans ended, we split our clan into a group of Oldschool FOE that went up against the new era of FOE members. With each side having just under 80, we battled for a while until Legacy came and both teams chased them down to mossies. After that we had the same battle in Clan Wars, a nice 60v60 Fight between the two teams. We then ended, ready to rest and prepare for the 15 Years of P2P Legends... Never forget, FOE is the MOST successful Pure Clan & greatest of all time. We witnessed one of the most intense speeches ever today by Ep, respect to you brother. Another nice speech by AAQ showing the FOE pride flowing through the clan. ~Real Me ~Cody ~Erik ~Heism (CWA) ~Erik (CWA) ~Isaak (CWA)
  6. 15 Years of FOE. Best Pure Clan of All Time.

  7. l0l. dogshit clan every1 will remember you getting kyped tho, thx for another rivalry win
  8.  Forums | Teamspeak | Discord  Tuesday, 3rd March: Final Ownage Elite mass up 45 elites for OUR second midweek of the day because we finally heard clans were out, after our already successful first midweek. Our Intel informed us that Rage were out in our caves, So we quickly massed up AGAIN with the intent of ending them as per usual. We hit them off-guard at the 30 line, and killed 10 of them in 20 seconds. They moved it into the South pit and we we're able to get an easy 1-0 with them teleing after another 30 seconds. They then got a regroup and massed for another 30 minutes, in order to fight Foe. After the fight we went straight back up to the caves and waited for them to return. As soon as they tele'd up, we hit them again at the North side of the caves and smoked them, resulting in them moving it to the drag pit. We had a 20 minute return fight in the drag pit, killing them and their mains, before they moved it back south into the rev cave. They clearly didn't return hard enough, as they we're then fully cleared in the south pit, along with their mains. No propaganda needed. Jizzle bank standing on his pure the whole fight ~Jordai ~Real Me
  9.  Forums | Teamspeak | Discord  Tuesday, 3rd March: Final Ownage Elite mass up 30 elites for an early Tuesday Midweek. We roamed around the caves in the time we waited for clans to mass up. Unfortunately, early on every clan is dead so all we did was PK some randoms and make free loot. We pked for about 1 and a half hours until we took a break ready to mass up later when clans were heading out. MORE PICS AT FOE-RS.COM.
  10.  Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Monday, 2nd March: Final Ownage Elite once again mass up 60 elites for a Monday Midweek. We had intel that Rage was in the caves multi logged on mains fighting Legacy with assistance from Zenith. We set out with the intention of clearing all clans from out battlefield and we were not going to end the trip until all clans stopped returning. We rushed in and immediately controlled the fight pushing every clan south below the 30 line. Eventually, 1 by 1 all clans teled out and claimed fake wins while FOE remained in the centre killing everything. The fight ended 1v1 between FOE and Legacy and after 10 minutes Legacy teleported out also while FOE remained there victorious. Once again, a great success. After a poor performance of Rage they decided to end into 1 item pretty quickly and rag us. All we did was push into them and they disappeared quite quickly. What a terrible leadership lmfao. Another easy victory for FOE. Coming Soon Ty for the +1 Rage leader reduced to 1 iteming and mains lmao:
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