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  1. u sure? foe is best wildy clan and #1 f2p clan wars. prob #2-3 p2p clw atm so.. overall #1 u better hope ur plan doesnt backfire and foe ends up being on top again hehe
  2. i remember when rage cared about wcotm LUL then you got broken
  3. wrong, we are #1. nobody has challenged us except Pandemic but we were busy with Pure events. FOE is the best tho
  4. id rather kill rage in 1 item 1000 times than fight anything else @BvG thanks for the free hype and proving u still have no idea how to kill a clan haha
  5. oh dw, theres no wasting time here. cya for the next 5 years wherever u go
  6. man ngl rage is the easiest rivalry in the past 7 years. dog shit clan
  7. what is this load of bullshit LOL are you denying you team and bring vennies?
  8. jizzle was there ragging us with ross? why couldnt rage mass up and hit it
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