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  1. Thank you @holydreamsvery cool!
  2. Marko

    Outrage vs F0-4 15v15 Mini

    thank you sir
  3. Marko

    Outrage vs Apex 15v15 2-1

    thank you sir
  4. Marko

    cwa Outrage Vs Supremacy ~ F2P Prep ~ 2-0

    Thank you @holydreams very cool!
  5. looks to me like apex has been avoiding preps vs fo for 73 weeks and still avoids by trying to get p2p first (cuz they will dip after p2p prep to avoid f2p) xaxaxaxaxa mfw low iq remy smoked peptith in this debate cuz peptith even lower iq, gf apex!
  6. i hate ppl who r scared to use mic !
  7. Marko

    Leaked Photo of ROT & FO peace meeting

    sick topic broski!
  8. Marko