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  1. nah it needs to get started im bored out here
  2. extremely easy for FOE as always FOE increasing opts Rage decreasing opts only a matter of time before they give up completely!
  3. rage accept up to 99 should give them a try
  4. TLDR: we had same opts at foe at start got dicked then dropped 15 mass recruits and ran for 2 hours for 5 second fights before foe made us tele looked like a good trip gz!
  5. and just like that Rage are no long competing for #1

    will be fun to see the next clan who tries!

  6. I nuked all of supremacy's youtube channel AHAHH!!!
  7. wont work not enough real estate for rage to avoid foe
  8. TEAM BRIEF / RAGE / TEAM UWU no 1 cares what teams your in 2k19 clanner LOL
  9. haven't lost a wildy fight in almost 6 months...

    where yall niggas at mane...

    1. d1ego


      eop cuh 🔥

  10. their god must be dog shit then heheh
  11. you either kakarot PK or w/e the fuck u called yourself 😂
  12. I think TBR should re-open CD and close into FOE for the 5th time in 1 year REPEAT THE CYCLE!!!
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