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  1. doxer in 2k20 lmao n that's coming from me man
  2. crumble crumble lesbog @BvGanother dead clan under leadership
  3. rage are pretty doggo @BvGactivision was better lesbog
  4. @BvGit won't stop until you quit rage, it's not me btw but this is what you get i guess for teaming with AF
  5. pathetic main clan @BvGlesboG should stop clanning heard things are getting dicey for him!
  6. Rage lasted 1 week without hiring Vennies on Sunday trips 😂😂

    @BvGlesboG low stamina needs new inhaler

    1. Victory


      dude why do u tryhard in every new clan u join.... they wont promote u cos they dont like u lol

  7. Rage self-destructing 😂

  8. sRbtW6S.png

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Royce


      Why would u post this? Ur skin is literally brown 

    3. Greuter


      disgusting and disrespectful, didnt expect anything else from foc rank lmfao

    4. Greuter


      that man fucking died, and ur sitting behind ur computer making a meme out of it, pretty weak 

  9. Glad to see Rage slowly crawling back onto Sharkbrew!

    Hopefully you have a weekend topic this week :D cant find your last 4!

    1. Munqki
    2. parm iphone

      parm iphone

      i wouldnt post that embarrassing shit on the brew either first good @BvGlesboG leadership decision! 

  10. 2 mandatory sign ups/inactivity sweeps later, rage still struggling to pull 70.

    its over niggas @BvGlesboG killed your clan LMAO trash leadership!

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