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  1. @nawetell this man it was a fullout
  2. was a fullout not prep but right you are :]
  3. dont think they can lo applicants smiting out high councils for +1s no good look indeed
  4. How do u think Supreamacey will comeback form this idk 😕
  5. oops typo ment to type Supreamacey*
  6. Unfortunately non-Legacy clan Supremeacy's High Council Salso lost not only a fullout in p2p to the legacy clan Intense Redemption But he also lost his Toxic Staff to an IR Applicant 😕 Thoughts?
  7. Togo

    New video :]

    hope u enjoying those cringe brits
  8. Togo

    New video :]

    hope ur enjoying that firecape...
  9. Togo

    real reason y eop died

    missing fs tannie rn...
  10. Togo

    real reason y eop died

    y u hate us brother :[
  11. Togo

    How to kyp a rat for dummies.

    Holy fuck and to think he couldnt do worse than his last one LOL Poor guy stayed up all night and came up with something this bad @Foxy @JoJo @Parm