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  1. As you all know Bloodlet is currently the #1 matched F2P Clan Wars Team (currently undefeated) After Bloodlet beat Rage and Outrage lost to rage who do you guys think will win? Will Jamz's failure of a clan (years of preperation) be able to beat Togo's overnight clan (which has found way more success than Jamz's btw) IMO it will be a clean sweep by Bloodlet or Outrage won't even show up due to another Jamz mental episode.
  2. Willing to do any server 25-30 opts let me know...
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wpFA-9jk6j4&feature=youtu.be
  4. you crashed a fight and then killed maybe 10 ppl i dont get whats special about this l0l any downie can crash a fight and kill a few people nice try bud
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