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  1. @Easechange ur name back to jamz wtf is an ease LOL

  2. dont forget that persian toms best friend fuked his girlfriend lmfao ty for the post
  3. @slushpuppycan u delete this @Easeguys sig? he never was in

    EOP let alone "Leading" the clan lmfao

    1. puppyslush


      if he lead eop it wouldn't have closed

    2. Weakens


      thats jamz stupid

    3. puppyslush


      @Weakensany1 can be better than dull at leading eop

  4. who the FUCK is @Easeand why does he say he lead EOP in 2017. No one named Ease lead EOP lmfao get that shit out of your sig

  5. As you all know Bloodlet is currently the #1 matched F2P Clan Wars Team (currently undefeated) After Bloodlet beat Rage and Outrage lost to rage who do you guys think will win? Will Jamz's failure of a clan (years of preperation) be able to beat Togo's overnight clan (which has found way more success than Jamz's btw) IMO it will be a clean sweep by Bloodlet or Outrage won't even show up due to another Jamz mental episode.
  6. Willing to do any server 25-30 opts let me know...
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