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  1. Maybe posting a few more topics related to this on both sharkbrew and foe forums will help your case here, nonce
  2. I don't see why a clan in decline would refuse an opportunity that could possibly boost their morale/pulls back up, then again an eop win would only underline their dominance over the last couple of years.
  3. bro stop with the anger topics, making u look like a complete idiot
  4. fun fact this a bad tank/zzz 7 guy used to be in eop for years and now is devoting his nightsleep to ragging that same clan he spent years of his life in. lmao
  5. https://www.foe-rs.com/forums/topic/116448-ryanhormones-intro/?page=1
  6. This is probably one of the reasons why he'll stay a low tier rank in every clan he's in, ever
  7. is that the same storm that closed 3x, went main x3 and miserably failed all 6x?
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