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  1. First let me address my friend in fatality, Hej @@Obbyx Remember dont ever pipe up to me again. Fatality's 25m : Fatality's 50m : Fatality's 75m : FinalOwnage's 25m : FinalOwnage 50m : Unbreakable 20m : Unbreakable 40m : Unbreakable 47m : Rage's 20m : ~Special Shoutout~ @@JAMZ for being the target of abuse. You have played a good victim. Oh btw just wanna tell you, i honestly hate you thats why i picked you as the victim, i guess after what we've been through you would have known your place by now. x] @Murd @@Nick @@debb with providing the fake names to fool all the clans and editing of fake leaderboards @Jizzle for the extreme trust. I love rage so pm me on irc, i'll give back half the money. @FO Jack for paying for nick's dinner with holydreams @Braden for paying 7m for a fake hostmark lmfaooooo Last but not least @[Fi]Obbyx @Joseph for co-operating this community wide troll wuu2 jamz trilogy. Without Fatality's help, i alone would have never made it possible. Oh btw, u actually thot lmfao.
  2. Has everyone 80+ maxed combat while CP has loads of 70s and still scared to prep lmao Cries over 2 ppl over 4 def who were Cokhammer - 10 def 88 combat 8il - 9 defence 87 combat Glad I left your clan before your brown sticky stuffty 5 year slump Feel sorry for your members you deserve better.
  3. @@HolyDreams remember the fight at ca where doom went in fo capes? Then suddenly alot of random mains appeared? eop claimed as 'random' mains? xd if any clans need this to dispute eop's topic. damn............................ damn........................ rage 3-0'ed eop 3 times...... took the throne from them today..... damn...........
  4. I dont think eop is the clan for u @@Kar Na Vorr you've been a good member
  5. Step 1. Angry chinese kid gets kicked and brings multiple tanks to rag clan A Step 2. Clan A brings there own mains to combat angry chinese kid Step 3. Clan B also logs into mains as they see mains in Clan A's cape Step 4. Clan A mass trains 20 def to combat the tanks Step 5. Clan B mass trains 30 def to combat the 20 def from clan A Step 6. All other clans follow suite and mass train 20-30 def Step 7. All clans bring mains Step 8. HPC is reborn thank you angry chinese kid
  6. Due to popular demands.. The Wuu2 Jamz trilogy will be back again daily. I'll release something slowly. Its really boring to just release 50k+ of lines and have people actually looking for juice. As your proud author of this trilogy. i'll save you guys the trouble and pin point everything out. Introduction : Plain releasing everything is just gonna be boring.. people will just move on and forget about it in a week... So lets do this the slow way... dont worry boys, it'll be months before i finish and.. oh nothing is gonna stop me this time xD Without further ado, lets move into this topic. https://www.sharkbrew.com/community/index.php?/topic/34367- After another decimation by Rage in clwa.. What was the reason EOP lost? Lets take a look into #105 So whose idea was it to have 3 different callers for 3 different rounds expecting 3 different result? Yes, it was none-other than our wuu2 @@Jamz trilogy victim. the big black bald usain bolt. Why put the blame on Olympus kids that joined and help your clan? :/ Why is a leader asking for permission to call? Golden Era? we'll see about that very soon.
  7. Some people seem to be upset about the upcoming event but personally as an openly potato masher man I'm glad to see jagex bring this type of event onto rs knowing how potato masher people have been oppressed for years irl and ingame sure seeing all the homophobic remarks hurts my feelings a bit but most of those people r probably Arabs who haven't eaten all day so they might just be upset over something else I'm potato masher and proud and I think all of you should take part in the upcoming lbgtq event and start spreading love not hate
  8. Alright, so I'm picking up where I left off. Although I did say to @@slushpuppy I'm not sure if I return he let me know that I'd be welcome back by all means. I'm pretty much back and things are getting stable again. Where did I go & what happened? Around October I left to Northern Syria/Iraq to the Kurdish controlled region. I was in a safe village away from the war and the ISIS controlled regions. It was overall a beautiful experience, and I got to meet so many different people with different races, ethnicities, views etc. all under the same roof. I got to taste what true poverty and famine feels like, and it really does put your life into perspective. You care more about what you have and learn not to be greedy. I got to play around with the children, go take some photographs, visit a few holy places, listen to the stories of many people, and at one point I got to fire an AK-47 (weapon of guerrillas). I preffered to teach the children basic science, philosophy, language and mathematics rather than how to use guns - independent thinking will give more change than a weapon can ever do. I heard a lot of bombs go off, I saw a lot of injured people and dead bodies - that was probably the most negative experience out of it all. I had to return eventually because my visa was only good for 6 months and if I exceed those months I could not return back to the UK without filing in applications. My relatives also let me know that I could come back later if I wanted so I always have that option. I'm going to try my best and open up a little company here and send money and resources to such areas around the world to support them from a distance. Am I here to stay? From my POV, yes. I'm starting up a few projects, getting involved in a few projects and decided to return to a few communities like Sharkbrew too. As you can see I've picked up my rank again. I'm going to be working alongside slushy on hooks, themes, services for you guys e.g. exp tracker will come as a hook soon as well as more brown sticky stuff to come. I've nearly got all my things back on the computer so I think I'll be starting soon. This also means I'll be taking graphics orders soon (after I get some practice). I'll also help out with the other ranks too. Am I going to be clanning or joining a clan? For now, no. I cba with runescape anymore. Even if I have an account, I'm just tired of the game really. Maybe in the future. I've got an account and I'm contemplating on joining Rage again. I will most likely.
  9. Pakistani country clan (Sovereign) have decided to dox a rot member. discuss.
  10. @couck: im lizard hssss i cant come on sharkbrew for another week now broccoli whisky thanks... @birthday: wow i havent been railed this hard since daddy dull grabbed my pigtails @whisky: layst call for red bewts ffs wheres my sister i need to get laid @sunday: i shouldnt have left eop fml.. time to follow daddy nicky like the prophecy predicts @kenny: damn it man back to nmz 2 recruit more spies @obyxx: ffs first my gf stole my real money now eop steal my sharkmony @joseph: yo guys when are we pulling bows out
  11. When Moni makes this topic: EOP pipes down instantly and try to cover the fact that they might lose. Remember brown sticky stuff clan: you Always lose when you pipe up to hard. Nick this is ur era, but this seems more like a shy leader lmfao. Bring Holydreams his lunch and remember ur #6 leader after Adhi, Holydreams, Couck, Persian tom and Soupreme. To all the eop members that will be emotional after the FI win vs EOP, you can sell EOP leaderboards and make lots of money query [FI] Joseph for price.
  12. https://www.sharkbrew.com/community/index.php?/topic/33829-unbreakable-vs-fatality-p2p-prep-set-2-52417/page-1
  13. http://eop-rs.org/community/index.php?/topic/97997-eruption-of-pures-leadership-outsmart-outplay-over-35-years-of-combined-pure-clanning-leaderships/
  14. what the fuck you up to you dumb dogs LMFAOOOOOOOOOOO
  15. eruption-of-pures-leadership-outsmart-outplay-over-35-years-of-combined-pure-clanning-leaderships/ eruption-of-pures-leadership-outsmart-outplay-over-35-years-of-combined-pure-clanning-leaderships/ eruption-of-pures-leadership-outsmart-outplay-over-35-years-of-combined-pure-clanning-leaderships/
  16. Due to Mr. @@Fudog stealing my topic title wuu2 jamz part 4. I've to change the title. So much thanks for my loyal followers on this 'wuu2 jamz' trilogy. Part 4 will be up soon after i figure out the last thing to add. Meanwhile, lets not forget about the new rising xlpc. Outburst. Oh Tom, i might be busy with jamz but i did not forget about you :] wow tom is 'FOUNDER' of outburst lmfao. Listen to this recording my friends.. http://vocaroo.com/i/s1W7D6G6aM1J 10m well paid. @Broxx @A6` thoughts? xd
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