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  1. Sad, but isnt ddosing part of RS by now?
  2. Needed to be done. Piss ass pussy clans thought bringing mains was a good tactic, so now we have to show them how its done
  3. Dont think they will, but maybe if they make some more friends they might stand a chance
  4. Im getting active if this happens I, for one, consider 4 the perfect amount
  5. Tbh, clans shouldve just stayed 1-5 def, and bullied the guys that went above that. Since we have sup going 30+ we might aswell go 39
  6. None, everybody in old clans get recycled into new clans and thus into new rivalries
  7. Gl but its mostly rages p2p (mini) people. So not interesting to 90% of rage
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