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  1. Tbh, clans shouldve just stayed 1-5 def, and bullied the guys that went above that. Since we have sup going 30+ we might aswell go 39
  2. None, everybody in old clans get recycled into new clans and thus into new rivalries
  3. Gl but its mostly rages p2p (mini) people. So not interesting to 90% of rage
  4. Rage was at a peak, being #1 F2p and top 3 P2P. So no slumperinos
  5. I mean rage was #1 in the server that mattered, CD couldnt do anything All i know is that i am going to Sup.
  6. Triple logged, quadra logged and my pure was just logged out XD If you want to count this as a rivalry win, be my guest, just know you ran for us every single trip
  7. Gravites were cool 2 F2p TBS and f2p PvP worlds also
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