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  1. I was about to pick up but then I heard whoppas angelic voice. If I'm being honest, it reminded me of the time he perfected UB 65v65.
  2. Anyone with a brain and a pair of eyes can see exactly what's going on. Very cringe and unfortunate.
  3. Dont be surprised. They act like they're a pure clan but the second they dip opts they log in the mains. Pretty nh and unfortunate but it is what it is.
  4. hmm i see lots of anti rage in here. it does make sense now.... someone from anti rage could have possibly framed fairy310....
  5. Please direct all of your questions to Rage Lawyer, Mr. Rage Guy.
  6. this is the highlight of your trip? lmfao I killed a fi kid for the arrows and didn't bank cuz its 400k 😆
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