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  1. Pulled 35 strong Bears for our scheduled P2P prep vs Fatality. Pulled out with the clean 3-0 despite being down 4 in round 2. Thanks for the prep Fatality. Look forward to some more. @Broxxx @Logic
  2. You've been reduced to scheduling events during our events hahahaha
  3. close prep! gf apex, look forward to some more.
  4. legashit and shitpremacy smoked refer to pov to watch the ownage lmfao
  5. Bro you pulled 30 today and had a 2 min pov. How can you even show your face on sharkbrew?
  6. Rage will get the the 30m we missed out on because of this, right?
  7. Best Wilderness Clan: (Rage, Foe) Best Cwa Clan: (Apex, Rage) Best overall clan: (Rage, Foe) Most active clan: (Rage, LY) Most favorite clan rivalry: (Rage, Sup) It's fun never losing lmfao Most improved clan: (RS, OG) Most honorable clan: (Rage, Rage) Most likely to use mains in 2020: (RS, FI) Most likely to cancel weekend events in 2020: (LY, none) Most likely to be an edgeville clan in 2020: (LY, SUP) Upcoming clan of 2020: (Rage, Apex) ----- Individual awards Best F2P Caller: (Abraham, Nox) Best P2P Caller: (Abraham, Nox) Biggest one bang: () Best leader: (Abraham, Jizzle) Worst leader: (person1, person2) Funniest Sharkbrew member: (person1, person2) Sharkbrew member with the worse banter: (viikings, dill) Most hated Sharkbrew mod: (dill, person2) Favorite Sharkbrew Mod: (break, slush)
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