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  1. we are 0-3 but you still wont prep us l00000000000000000l @Apex Nox
  2. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord At approximately 1:00 am, 22 good looking kids set out for an adventure to dismantle the scene of Revenant caves! With our charmingly aesthetic 6'3 tanned summer beach-goers, we managed to make over 150m+ and smite a KODAI WAND! It seemed we ran into APEX and absolutely decimated them... A few APEX ranks (RNG + Rancher Nox) were last seen vsing our most elite pkers... Take a look below for last seen footage of RNG + Rancher Nox... (UNFORTUNATE) KODAI SMITE! (85M LOOT) S/O TO GOOD LOOKING MEMBER @Illegal KO ! (10M LOOT) S/O TO GOOD LOOKING MEMBER @PWNUNY0MAMA ! (-700M LOOT) S/O TO GOOD LOOKING MEMBER @Nubbybread FOR DONATING COUNTLESS SETS TO THE VENEZUELA COMMUNITY! JUST JOKING.. (+5M LOOT) FOR @Nubbybread (+1.5m) S/O TO GOOD LOOKING MEMBER @Safe FOR CAUSING ENDLESS CHAOS WITH HIS FLOW OF ARABIC MUSIC AND AMAZING DANCE MOVES SAFE AFTER MAKING AN ASTOUNDING AMOUNT OF MONEY... IT SEEMS SAFE WAS CELEBRATING AND LAST SCENE AT EDGEVILLE BANK BELOW...!
  3. Hmm, interesting that Apex ended our trip; yet clearly we still had a successful trip.
  4. supremacy pulled more than they do on the weekend. interesting. grats to both clans. Zenith first F2P win in years, and Supremacy for largest pull to an event in months.
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