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  1. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Sunday November 15th; Fatality massed up, peaking at 111 Pure Elites. After completely dominating our rivals Full of Excuses last weekend and even prevented them from making an aftermath yesterday, we went into today with the same mindset. For the first part of the trip Fo would again attempt to avoid us by hiding in a full world, but none of that would matter, and neither would any allies they would call in to help them today. Today they would get purely skull-fucked in two clean 1v1s. cry=free Also shout out to the +1 dispensaries over at fo headquarters ~ Fatality vs full of excuses & apex ~ foe would attempt to hide in a full world while running laps around the wilderness trying to shake us off. They would start at sperm, run to boneyard, then to 26 hill. By the move to 26 hills we would catch them. We would get a good wrap on them, and start dropping them left and right. As they would drop in numbers they would pull the fight farther and farther south until it would reach CA. Now when the fight would reach CA all foe could do at this point is just run laps around CA trying to somehow gain an opt advantage, which they would never get. For the next 30 minutes we would sit ontop of foe running around CA like the headless pigeons they are. After awhile they would attempt to bolster their opts by having apex log in to aid them. As apex would log in we pulled the fight northeast to pond and then 26 hills. apex would follow, but their allies would not and we would get an easy full clear on them, while foe would choose to not continue the fight. ~ Fatality vs full of excuses ~ For round 2 of this 1v1, foe would be sitting at fog where we would rush them from the west. Unprepared, foe would immediately sprint far east to singles and hopping worlds in singles or simply teleporting out if they got caught by any Fatality. With this dogshit clan sitting in singles, we would stay on top of fog, hoping they hadnt gotten cold feet after all the shit they've been talking. When they would finally hit multi they would try and spread out, but by that time we had already hopped to them and starting rushing them. We immediately took over the fight, by wrapping around them, and this time they didnt have 5 other clans here to aid them. It would be a complete whitewash, where we would go up 50 with ease, and before they had the opportunity to call for more help, we simply teled out with a clean 1v1 victory over these losers.
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  5. nigga no 1 cares about what happened when mains came because if you still care about that shit then hold this fucking L you victim fkn retard i ns'd u 1v1 w/o help until u broke last saturday 74v63 u couldnt hang, all these mains too: l00l easy as fuck
  6. F2P SATURDAY Start: End: Fo's Propagnda Gif Exposed: "But you ran" When your clan is in the position of being teamed on by the likes of Zenith, Apex & Supremacy along with multiple main clans (depending on the situation). You can come prove your man to man quality in a fullout or a prep. You'll consistently use propaganda of going down 50 in a fight and referring to us as "low stamina", but what happened to you last Saturday 73v64 where the cancer was put to an end instantaneously as opposed to sunday at fog, we fought it out with LY being able to kill a vast majority of us yet this was the end result: P2P SUNDAY Crashes us farming Apex & Mains up 20, just to get fully cleared: Loses 1v1 off the bat in such convincing fashion: The fight then escalates to a 7 versus 2: Zentih Pures + Zentih Meds (Ballers) ~ Apex Pures + Apex Meds ~ Butthurt Supremacy Members ~ Final Ownage Elite Vs Fatality Reign of Terror + Sovereign + Elite Zerks Vs Revenant Why is Revenant in your cape? We don't control what these main clans do, they clearly have deep beef with clans in our scene and aren't going to stop until they have broken, the exact same way RoT will continue to be on Rage whenever they can and have used Apex's cape to level the playing field. The Ending: Continue the propaganda in the wilderness, the entire scene knows you aren't on our level and with your philosophy you won't ever be:
  7. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Sunday November 1st; Fatality massed up, peaking 115 Pure elites ready to once again dominate over the P2P Wilderness. After yesterdays steamroll of a trip over the likes of Zenith and Final Ownage "Elite" we looked to continue the same thing we've been doing week in and week out, complete domination of the scene. After yesterday's suiciding trip, Final Ownage "Elite" managed to pull a astounding 49 eagles, and even when we would gwas ourselves to kill them, they still could not compete with us. Fatality vs Zenith / Legacy / Rage We logged in hunting down Zenith at 26 hill killing them easily, then moved on to hitting Legacy and after they would tele out, move south on top of sperm, to hit Rage. Fatality vs Zenith / Rage Once again hunting Zenith we would hit them at Bandits making them tele out and then cleared the Rage that would remain around as well. Fatality vs Zenith / Supremacy / Blunt Pures / Rage We chased Zenith into yet again another cluster, and after killing them would then would look to clear up the rest of the clans left over at CA. Fatality vs Apex / Supremacy Killed both these clans at bandits and dipped out when mains showed up, with the pures already cleared. Fatality vs Final Ownage FO was trying to hide in a full world from us, but it wouldn't matter. When we logged in enough to hit them, we would chase them down se of bandits and would easily fully clear them. Fatality vs Legacy / Final Ownage / Blunt Pures / Rage / Onslaught Chasing our victims down again we hit another fight between them at boneyard and quickly cleared up the fight. After we killed the fight at boneyard we moved south and killed the fight at CA between the others. Fatality vs Legacy / Final Ownage / Blunt Pures / Rage We would once again hit another cluster at bandits and clear it all up. Rage would then tele up and we would push onto the telespot getting into a barrage and chin war. As Legacy were rerushing we would clear up most of Rage before then moving back to hit Legacy. As we were hitting Legacy, FO would tele up to try and sandwich us so we dipped out. Fatality vs Zenith Zenith would try to set up a fight at Fally, we wouldn't allow it and teled up and chased em down, and killed them. Fatality vs Legacy / Final Ownage Cleared up another fight at 26 hills this time around. Fatality vs Final Ownage After chasing them around in edge, they teled up to CA, and knowing the only way they would even attempt to hit us back would be if we instantly followed, we did just that even thought it would be a "gwas". We simply overpowered them with our opt advantage and easily cleared them off the map. Fatality vs Zenith To finish the trip off we'd hit Zenith one last time forcing them to end their miserable attempt at a P2P trip. ~ Tanqe ~ ~ Destin ~ ~ Stella ~
  8. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Friday October 30th; Fatality massed up, peaking 38 Pure Elites, once again ready to bully the fuck out of Zenith who had setup to have a F2P Wildy PKRI against Terror. Unfortunately Zenith would back out of the event to choose to then do the fight in clan wars instead, since they did not want to get hit by us. With Zenith bullied to cwa, we setup a nice 35v35 PKRI against Legacy at corp. We would have an undisturbed hour long pkri, which would be attempted to be crashed by Zenith and Apex, in 1 item and on mains, however we would end up killing both extremely easily, and continuing the PKRI with no trouble. Thanks for the clean action Legacy.
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