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    1. Zalmon


      Why run/tele/log ? 

      Breakers. Easy btw

    2. Satans


      Imagine logging mid-fight against Z capes while CD is East killing your ally Ly l0l

  2. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Saturday, September 19th, 2020; Fatality massed up 140 pure elites to once again battle against Zenith and their alliance once more on this Saturday. After a while of waiting Zenith finally grew the sack to rush us at hills hut. Unfortunately their member quality is so bad it didn't matter what outside forces tried to help them today, as we solely focused on killing every Zenith pure that was in game, and we did just that. We bullied the fuck out of their pures forcing them to AFK by the masses in edge and ferox. You cannot hang with us Zenith, Accept the fullout, your wildy fullouts aren't working for you either. Shoutout to the 100 abdullahs today, what is gone may never be forgotten, mashallah. ~ Tyen ~ ~ Schweden ~ ~ Tanqe ~ ~ skeez ~ To start the day off we once again fought Zenith this time at Hills hut. Even though we would be down due to Supremacy as well as tons of mains aiding them we were not afraid. We would push Zenith multiple times north of the gap of Hills hut. No matter how many accounts they afk on it will not help you. We would then chase them all the way from hills hut to sperm, to then pushing their remaining 40 pures and declining to then run to CA. While we were 100 pures strong ingame, we just moved back to sperm and hopped out with our dub. Fatality Starting: 120 Pures Zenith Starting: 110 Pures Fatality Ending: 100 Pures Zenith Ending: 65 Pures
  3. @Deserie


    we did this to you l0l00l0l

  4. Most feared. I want to see 300 on that cape counter this week @Mercy.

  5. They're not #1. They're a cape counter boosting clan that only have a shred of relevance due to the sheer fact Fatality absolutely murdered Apex & Supremacy as well as gained 15 members from FO and have Zenith suck off CD into joining them as well as connections in the main scene. We all saw what happened 1v1 before the rivalry even started, 75v100.
  6. eop public discord, nice try again you can't beat me with your shit propaganda you dumb fucks lmfao also what are you idiots in zenith trying to do? LMFAO
  7. Eventually the fight would turn into a NS where the likes of Apex, Supremacy, Fo, Mains, and many others put on Zenith capes in an attempt to outlast us at Chaos altar, which they of course could not do either. Zenith would be the first to break once again before us.
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