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  1. its okay to be upset about having apex and zenith help you to make things more challenging for us, just for them to stop giving you that help due to being pre occupied by other clans which resulted in your demise on three seperate occasions. Ending your trip right after this isn't a good look either: Try harder next week and please for the love of god, make sure you have a leak.
  2. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Sunday December 6th; Fatality massed up, peaking at 94 Pure Elites ready to again bully the fuck out of fo and once again end their miserable trip. Once fo would finally muster up the courage of trying to fight us back, we would kill them throughout the entire trip no matter how much help they would get from ensuing clans such as apex and zenith. You cannot compete with us 1v1, you cannot hang with us 1v2 or 1v3. Just what the fuck can you actually do fo l00000l ~ Fatality vs Zenith ~ With zenith being the only clan in multi at this point, we rushed them while they were spread at lvl 4 varrock pass. Killed a bunch of them and moved north hoping they would follow, since they didnt we just left having killed over half of them. ~ Fatality vs full of excuses ~ fo would try hitting a fight at boneyard where we would log in right beside them and killed as many as we were able to until they teled out. ~ Fatality vs Terror, apex ~ Heard there was a fight going on at boneyard, so we quickly hit it, and killed everyone who moved north and wasnt able to tele out. ~ Fatality vs Terror ~ As we were spread on 26 hills Terror came running at us and we made quick work of them, making them tele out. ~ Fatality vs full of excuses & apex & zenith ~ There was a fight getting ready to start at CA, so we rushed from sperm, ran through Supremacy ignoring them, right ontop of fo. Pushing them all the way southeast where we would chase them, and even caught them in a massive 9 man clump, putting them to 27 in game. Apex would rush from the east attempting to help save fo, but it wouldn't matter as we would just move south east and drag the fight to fog, where we would proceed to 1v2 both clans with complete and utter ease. Even zenith would join in the fight to try and aid a dying fo clan, although it wouldn't matter. Soon we would chase fo back to ontop of fog once again putting them to 20 in game, with us up 45 people we would simply glory out with our 1v3 win. ~ Fatality vs full of excuses ~ fo would be spread out at CA, so we logged in on top of them hoping they would want to fight their rivals, but since they didn't have any aid this time they insta teled instead. ~ Fatality vs zenith ~ zenith was spread out at CA so we logged in to pay them a quick visit. Chased them around ca and eventually inside of CA, and just ended up full clearing them. ~ Fatality vs Terror, apex~ There was a fight going on between Terror, apex, and Legacy north of 26 hill. We rushed it from the south and hit Terror first, while the others peeled off. Our fight moved north by horseshoe, and as we were killing Terror, apex would try to come hit us. The remaining Terror would run south, so we held our ground and moved ontop of apex who were trying to hit us with 20 sharks, Needless to say they quickly teled out, so we moved back to 26 hill and cleared up the Terror that remained. ~ Fatality vs full of excuses & apex~ fo would again be walking around at CA, so we rushed them from sperm. This would be a 1v1 for a short period of time until again apex would log in to aid fo in attempting to beat us. That would never matter as we have no issue 1v2ing such dogshit clans, we would manuever around ca to sit on top of fo the entire time. Even when more clans would show up, our objective never changed, which was to kill fo, and we would do just that. Once again it would be the same result, with their allies leaving them and for us to once again go up 40 on them, while they would ask more clans to aid them. Again once going up 40, in this return fight, we would simply dip out with another dub in our pocket. ~ Fatality vs full of excuses ~ After we completely smothered fo's face in the dirt at chaos altar they logged into single at west bandits with what remained of their pull after the beating we gave them. Knowing how demoralized they were we paid them a visit in single, and of course they didn't even try to put up a fight, and just ran away once again. @Tanqe @Jon @Chupa @Stella
  3. Not a fan of fake news, not a good look. Great action though, thanks for the fight. Stay easy Anti-Fatality you fucking pussies, LMFAOOOO.
  4. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Wednesday December 2nd; Fatality massed up 42 Pure elites to take on Rage in a P2P Prep. We came out with a strong defending round, and built off that to take over the next two, claiming a clean 3-0 win over the bears. Fatality Starting: 25 - Rage Starting: 25 Fatality Ending: 15 - Rage Ending: 0 Fatality Starting: 25 - Rage Starting: 25 Fatality Ending: 12 - Rage Ending: 0 Fatality Starting: 25 - Rage Starting: 25 Fatality Ending: 19 - Rage Ending: 0 @Rich
  5. There is less skill required to participate in F2P. Any tom, dick and koshar can play for us in that server with a little bit of practice. P2P? You best be ready to work and not tap out. Not our fault people couldn't be online on a day Apex strongarmed us with. Would have had 53 on the first declaration that they accepted. Unfortunate! OT: 8 win streak, let's build this shit up fellas!
  6. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Sunday November 29th: Fatality massed up, peaking 93 Pure elites ready to once again completely take over the P2P Wild. Following a dominating Saturday trip where we toppled the entire scene, we set out once again this Sunday to do much of the same. ~ Fatality vs Rage, Legacy, Apex, Blunt Pures, Supremacy ~ There was a fight that originated between Legacy and Supremacy at bandits, we were quick to log in on it to clear it up when many other clans decided to join as well and make it a fun cluster. ~ Fatality vs Legacy, Supremacy, Zenith ~ There was a short fight between Legacy and Supremacy when Zenith would try to hit it with no capes on, we were quick to log in and clear all 3 up. ~ Fatality vs Legacy, final ownage ~ Both clans were fighting at boneyard, we quickly rushed from the south focusing fo, and made both clans tele out and cleaned up the ones who didnt. ~ Fatality vs Legacy, Terror, Supremacy ~ Logged in south of bandits, rushed north and cleared up all clans in the vicinity. ~ Fatality vs Zenith ~ Zenith were spread by hills hut without their capes on, yet again this Sunday. We logged in on top of them and cleared them in a matter of seconds. ~ Fatality vs Zenith x2 ~ This time Zenith would be spread at lvl 4 wildy at Varrock pass. We would again log in ontop of them and quickly clear them off the map. Afterwards, Zenith would again get the same spread, and we would again log in on them and push them to ditch. ~ Fatality vs Rage, Legacy, fo, Apex, Zenith ~ We'd login at CA and instantly start hitting Rage who were just east of us. Legacy would soon rush from the west so we'd follow Rage as we moved east towards ghost hut and then north. To reposition ourselves we would quickly tele back to ca, and move just south of pond, to catch fo in a massive box in the sw corner of ghost hut. They would tele back to CA, where we would again follow to sit on top of them, as well as the capeless Zenith who would be rushing the fight. ~ Fatality vs Rage, Legacy, Zenith ~ Rage and Legacy were fighting at east bandits, we logged in from the south and pushed north to clear both clans up, with eventually Zenith trying to hit us from the south, which needless to say did not go over well for them ~ Fatality vs Rage, Terror, Supremacy, fo ~ Starting at CA we ran a train and every clan we saw as we moved north. Starting with Rage, then moving onto Terror who were on corp, then hitting the Supremacy as well who were just north of that. fo would then try to rush from the northwest, so we would instantly push north onto them, making them run back to single. Rage would rerush so we moved to the southern side of boneyard and killed everything that came north. ~ Fatality vs Rage, Legacy ~ Started off by rushing from the north where we would run into Legacy first, as we would start the hit they would tele out so we quickly moved south around corp catching big clumps. Once it turned into more mains than pures we left. ~ Fatality vs Terror, Supremacy ~ To end the day we hit a fight between the two at boneyard that just resulted in both clans quickly teleporting out.
  7. You're not wrong LOL. However, we'd still like to have a matched prep.
  8. [12:11] Salvo: lol [12:11] Salvo: https://gyazo.com/bbcecad21490b66003fe0660ae253c62 [12:11] Salvo: apex supposedly straw polled wether to sit or not [12:11] Salvo: goes to show how little faith their members had aswell :kekw:
  9. What is your clan's name?: Fatality What is your clan rank, and provide proof of it: Warlord The name of the clan you are declaring against: Apex Fight type: F2P & P2P Insert any motivational message(if any): Cmon boys lets do it By posting this topic, I understand and read the rules of the declaration system This Saturday & Sunday at 2:30PM EST - See you there
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