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  1. Another p2p prep another fatality win! GGs Rage these fights are getting super competitive
  2. made an account just to comment lmaooooo
  3. More recent than you've won a prep against a top 3 matched clan?
  4. when was the last time you won a prep against a top 3 matched clan?
  5. Terror really be smoking on that Apeg + Soup pack, keep on the excellent work chaps!
  6. lol @Proccytoo shook to comment coz he know his clan got railed
  7. lmfao at actually posting this video, literally 10 purple dots (with the only pure in sight being Jordai lmfao) and you see the Fi cape counter pushing 60+
  8. i respect the dedication bro, when you decide you actually want to be in a pure clan apply to Fi ill reff you
  9. Your video literally shows 60 Fi on the cape counter with an additional 10+ pulling through the gate, FoM then get caught in a 3x3 and then Fi proceed to tele out with inventories full of rune and mystic
  10. Nice song choice tbh. But all that video shows is Fi's numbers going up and the purple dots being overwhelmed by white dots. That's an embarrassing video to post lol
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