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  1. Are you a rank? Because i cannot believe someone as experienced as yourself is so clueless. Firstly you have more level 70s than us as most of your recruits are new pures from sandcrabs Secondly the level 100 pures can attack the level 90s, 90s can attack 80s etc, with the amount of opts both clans had a low level wildy fight would have been a viable option Thirdly you fought us at Fog last week, why is this week different? Fourthly i'd rather fight a pure v pure fight at Fog than a main infested fight at Gdz Fifthly Zenith are the self proclaimed #1 clan, it's pretty cringe that you'd rather end than hit us at Fog Finally you ended when EZ were occupied and we were at 15 wildy, shows you were only prepared to fight with outside interference, shows how much faith your ranks have in your member quality
  2. we can set-up two simultaneous full outs if that's your main concern? a primary 100v100 full out and another full out for the members that couldn't make it into the primary full out.
  3. i have come to the conclusion that this fight was incredibly easy for runescape fatality pure clan after watching the video evidence provided. This is now the third consecutive week in which Zenith has got smoked by the boys in green, yikes.
  4. so you outpull Foe on the weekends and beat them in p2p matched aswell? What do they have left? :s
  5. Yes and if they dont they have a week.
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