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  1. Salt

    EOP back up?

    ok???????????????????????? so? they closed tho every1 is past that everywhere i see eop being mentioned why does it need to be brought up again every1 is so obsessed with eop here eop there. they closed just realise that and move on god damn dudes
  2. Salt

    Sunday 2: Jaja Sweeps Caves ft. VR+BA

    waow i love joy too
  3. Salt

    lpc EnVy #1 XLPC Pure Clan 50-65 Combat!!

    envy is dogshit just let it stay closed lmao they dont fight they run and hide.
  4. nah each time i fought bt they all run away and get clapped i donno wtf ur on bout u've never clapped me or my clan before nice try tho. ur barely going out and when u do u get clapped. originals as warlord.... time to close bud u ain't getting far
  5. ok? xl ain't shit wtf did u expect... lmao no need to make topic for that bt is just as bad
  6. Salt

    xlpc Bad Timing

    with originals as ur warlord u'll do shit maybe even close before u know it. he can't call for shit good choice for warlord rank
  7. Salt

    2019 Will Be Lit

  8. when the desperation kicks in they would do anything to gain a win that just proved it lmao