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  1. Jamz is a prime example of what unemployment does to you.

  2. Abdul/Jamz/Ease/Danny phantom? Which 1
  3. After going on campaign for weeks against doxing and playing the victim, Jamz has lost his mind and is starting to dox innocent Fi members. There were a few sheep who joined Fi because he took this stance. It will be very interesting to see how these same individuals can reconcile putting on a team 37 cape still.
  4. Black man with fake propaganda is least of anyones worries. Seems like you threw the towel on training up people over the fact your member list has worst quality than mass recruiter clan ly.


    Be the guy you claim to be and accept the 50v50 you fucking pussy or you can keep dreaming about the belt you wish you had.

  5. Asking for a 100v100 and a 30v30 the same week, shows how much the word ‘Apex’ frightens you.

    See you in the battle when you sew your balls back on

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