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  1. RElgs4c.png

    1. Mustafa


      Why ru so obsessed with a clan thats clearly better than you l0l

  2. Logic

    Apex vs fo | 18v18 Big Mini 4-1 [easy]

    Very quick and ez smoke
  3. Logic

    How Desperate?

    L000l somone get this kid a tissue
  4. Lol foc got smokes now they crying
  5. Logic

    2v2 fullout?

    Considering the only clan sup has actually beat consecutively in f2p is FI seems to me they would weigh fo down more. In P2P it would be like 70 fo members and 30 sup so yeah Apex would definitely win ez smoke 3-0.
  6. Logic

    2v2 fullout?

    Yeah sure p2p fullout, Apex + Eop vs Foc + Sup. Would be bants cause foc would put all the blame on sups shit quality when they lose like they did to px l00l
  7. nice pull from both clans was fun prep!
  8. Its been 5 months since foc got 3-0 by Apex in a 60v60 p2p prep, when will they quit hiding? 


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    2. 'Jamie


      @TBR Sorry brother apparently no one cares about your opinion on that matter :P but when has anyone really taken you seriously?

    3. RNG


      The day they stop hiding is the day they revert back to being a quality based clan instead of a quantity based clan. They've won 1 P2P prep in the past 3 months... and it was against Supremacy... I think the scene would be more impressed with fo being worth a shit again instead of pulling 100 randos/xlpcs/clanfriends/sandcrabbers each weekend. 

    4. 13 Defence

      13 Defence

      On 11/7/2018 at 9:17 AM, GlGGS said:

      u wouldn't even be allowed to be in the portal vs our z squad l0l stfu

      Didn't you get smoked in the 10vs10 SB hosted mini tournament? I'm having a hard time believing you even think what you spout out is true. :)

  9. This will be foc's last weekend of high pulls their hype will die down quickly and soon they will be pming Nox to let them come in Apex's cape AGAIN, leaving shitpremacy to be the punching bag.