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  1. 250 Pures for sup next weekend keep talking 

  2. we had a few scouts but we peaked like 160 pures
  3. what kind of reply was this? your 4n ass is awkward asf. Stick to glory hunting in 2k19 fo got a few aftermaths for you to post.
  4. stfu freak you left shitpremacy cause they are slumping only to fanboy fo and post their aftermaths in hopes of them noticing you. gf pexo
  5. l000000l who would wanna be led by this guy??? dude sounds out of breathe 3 seconds into his calling panicking mass highlighting shitpremacy to come.
  6. Rage got sup/ly shook to the point they openly sharing ccs XD
  7. l000l the pov/pics show shitpremacy members in your cc, you guys got fucked x3 neither of you can compete
  8. I feel bad for anyone that sets up 1v1s with shitpremacy this weekend.
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