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  1. Will some buddy please remind this @Final Ownage Elite that his clan got slaughtered today even with fo having 50 mains themselves !

  2. Another easy weekend trip for Rage! Fo knows their place thats below us l0l
  3. @Dynamic @Erik @Jimbo @Saucehows this bear dick taste, ty 4 ez
  4. Easy for the Bears 🐻

  5. you left out the part where you got dicked all day by ly and put on fo capes l000l
  6. ye parm is a legit weirdo irl l00l @lookatwhatidid @ca$h cartido somthing pussy
  7. @Infamous Jethas admitted his clan was broken after today l000l
  8. @Real Mecheck the winning topic out loser l000l
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