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  1. isn't hard to type out the names of people on the right side of discord (in the chan we mention for minis) that I remember being there lmfao!
  2. iHardcore, Roman, Fazey, Myself, Lee, Vc, Jeff, Nawe, Unreal, Crumble, Mark, Tiko, Lawi, Inmate, P1Z4, Wishes, Stigi, Spook, Folfox & Harry were all consistent participants of our 21 wins. That's twenty people in case you couldn't count. Thank you for your concern on what our focus should be, if I could also pitch in on you guys, maybe you can focus on doing well outside of singles on weekend trips, it seems to have been a constant struggle for you guys since your inception. One day maybe? :S
  3. The last victory of our 21 win streak, Apex beat us right after, rest in peace.
  4. bp is really good, not surprising at all gz fellas
  5. fun as fuck, been too long since I last fought in a set up 1v1 pkri during the week in f2p thanks for the tussle LY
  6. supremacy ass blasted again lmfao grats on ur win zenith
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