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  1. supremacy rs cc / www.supremacy-rs.com / supremacy.verygames.net On this beautiful Tuesday Supremacy massed up 25 Tigers to take on Apex in a F2P Prep. After a strong start we managed to come out with the dub and prove our dominance. Thank you for the clean action Apex Round 1 Supremacy Starting : 23 Supremacy Ending : 15 Round 2 Supremacy Starting : 23 Supremacy Ending : 16 Round 3 Loss @Wessel @X poo @Ur Glory Plz
  2. yo willis u need to close brother its getting bad
  3. lmaoo willis close your clan like i closed ur babies airway
  4. gf ly shame we had to sit to 24 and you wouldnt r3 then cancelled fi yoink
  5. awkward topic when you got outpulled by supremacy yikes, nice rush at bandits btw #cleared
  6. go play in another scene bro no one wants you here you freak
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