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  1. Poo

    Forum Game HA HA HA

    cant flame someone who dislikes aysix
  2. this isnt the first time an ir member has said this
  3. close the doors titans, o wait u didnt even turn up cus ur bored of being fucked lmfao
  4. supremacy rs cc / www.supremacy-rs.com / supremacy.verygames.net After an embarrassing performance by wannabe RD clan IR yesterday and last weekend, we wondered how they would bounce back today (in their preferred server) Supremacy Tigers massed up 65 golden warriors later peaking at 75 to find out. Turns out they didn't bounce back at all. On the 9th of December in the year of 2018 Intense Rejects got cleared 5 times in their preferred server Intense Rejects kicked 2 innocent members in an attempt to find our leaks (we have 7 btw idiots, gl) Intense Rejects lost 7 kids on discord after the first fight with Supremacy Intense Rejects donated 50m to our elite warrers IR's pulls dropped from 85 to 65 in less than a month, forced to clan wars both days and declined 2 preps saturday and sunday after there demoralized members begged for one in cc The end is near you fucking melts, we dont off How the fuck do you even get smited with 99 prayer? To any IR rat reading this, If you want easy money feel free to PM "super pillow#3219" on discord to make 20m a trip. Your clan is dying, why not profit off of it. @•Noel @•Mustafa
  5. true tbh got my man @Lord Exloving sup
  6. www.supremacy-rs.com supremacy.verygames.net - ts see you there war kids
  7. Poo

    GG WaR - former WaR officer

    lol did war even open, i dont care about some silly rev clan - app to supremacy-rs.com
  8. Poo

    weekend Hydra's first weekend trip: killed it.

    my eyes arent that good, i like your motto
  9. yeah good for u paki i mage once a year il smoke u p2p
  10. ir members are that deluded and shit they havent noticed there leaders have no idea what their doing looooooooool