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Found 10 results

  1. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord Sunday 9th of January; Legacy massed up 48 Spartans later peaking at 50+ Spartans for our first weekend trip of 2022. We had countless action today vs the likes of Fatality, Blunt Pures, Zenith, Final Ownage Elite, Apex aswell as chasing Terror all over the minimap. Zenith rats yet again tried 1 iteming and got obliterated off the minimap, better luck next time fellas. Roofis POV Destin POV
  2. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Saturday, May 8th 2021, Final Ownage Elite peaked at 50 Eagles and started off the trip fighting Terror. After fighting down to sperm hill Legacy crashed the fight, which we quickly turned around chasing them through pond, 18 portal, and corp hill until we caught wind of mains crashing so we hopped out after plenty of free kills on Legacy. After gathering ourselves and banking our free loot we headed up to GDZ, to fight Terror in a clean 1v1 that went uncrashed for upwards of 25 minutes. After chasing Terror around GDZ and farming them for the length of the fight we called it when mains finally showed up. For every minute past the second fight of our trip we stalked Fatality. Crashing on top of them at 26 hill and forcing their ops to be cut in half within minutes. Chasing them around the hill over and over, absolutely decimating every single one of their members. When they cowardly fled to single combat we took a fall in north of 26 hill just for them to run into us once again and fail to do anything. While killing Fatality in a 40v40 box directly north of 26 hill Zenith ended up crashing, ending the fight with foe being the last pures standing. After this we continued to end Fatality's fights in minutes for the rest of the trip. @K2P
  3. Discord: Y2YPC8 | 'Wolves Den' Cc Terror massed up 50 Wolves later peaking at 55 for our official F2P PK trip. Coming off a highly successful anniversary, we had one thing in mind - to once again take #1 in F2P. As per usual, the entirety of the Anti-Terror alliance (foe, sup, apex, zenith) spent the first 45 minutes of their trips idled at enclave struggling with various different issues ranging from - sub 30 pulls, moving people in and out of their channels, & most importantly : waiting for their daddy main clan to come out. While the above was going down, we rushed Fatality & Rage - having the most opts of the bunch we were able to do a ton of damage and held the lead as we cycled on both clans. Legacy joined in not long after and the cluster continued for almost an hour until finally Zenith crashed with mains. All clans banked and prepared for a re-set. A little birdie informed us that soup & foe were having 25v25 inners north of 26 hill, we logged in on top of them and began running a train on both clans as they attempted to 2 v 1 us. We laughed at them as their numbers dropped to single digits in game. It wasn't too long after that they called the 15 sardines for backup and here terror found themselves in a 1 v 3 fight vs the suplexelites alliance. Not even a 3 clan alliance could drop our numbers below 30 as we continue to mow them down. Eventually main clans crashed again and we dipped with our win. Safe to say this rivalry is over soup LOL.
  4. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Today, Fatality peaked with around 65 green men to feast today. Fatality vs Cluster Fatality set up to defend vs Blunt Purez at Boneyard. Blunt purez rushed from the South West, Fatality wrapped and slapped their baby 1 def mages. Legacy crashed from the East so Fatality focused them. Fatality moved to the South East to cut off Legacy’s wrap. Fatality defended the pond from oncoming attackers Legacy & Blunt Purez. Both clans tele'd to bank so Fatality pushed south to CA to slay the Apeg & Supremacy Fatality vs Cluster Fatality rushed Legacy at Boneyard from the East, after quick dump of specs Fatality pushed Legacy into 6 man clumps. Fatality cleared them up north and returned focus onto Legacy returners. Blunt Purez crashed and Fatality pushed them around Boneyard and then North to Dwarves. Fatality vs FO - Fatality vs Terror Fatality found Fo trying to fight Supremacy in Varrock wilderness so Fatality logged on top of them absolutely clapping their 20 man pull in an instant. Fatality moved toward Terror and they teleported as a few got dropped. Fatality vs Legacy ~ Fatality vs Supremacy Fatality once again rushed Legacy at Boneyard even down 15 Fatality held the north side and single piled our way back to even opts. Soon Supremacy crashed and Legacy dipped south. Fatality took on Supremacy without banking, Fatality full cleared Supremacy very easily.
  5. Discord: TapTmzMN | 'Wolves Den' CC Saturday, April 17th 2021 Terror massed up ~55 Wolves in anticipation for our F2P Saturday trip. We got several clean 50v50+ return fights against Fatality, who provided the majority of our action today. Both Legacy and Rage came along at different points throughout these fights, allowing for some fun clusters to occur. The Anti-Terror Alliance each pulled sub-30 and avoided us for the entirety of our trip. Funny how the clans with the loudest bark always seem to have the smallest bite. Terror vs Fatality We defended on sperm for Fi, who logged in right next to us. We immediately scimmed their fall-in, taking them down a couple opts before the fight even started. Both clans traded blows back and forth around sperm for around 30 minutes before being crashed by mains. Terror vs Fatality ft. Legacy We decided to rematch Fatality on top of 26 hill. We rushed them 44v44 on top of the hill, and began taking the upper hand with strong snares, positioning, and piling. Midway through the fight, Legacy crashed from the south. We switched our focus onto Legacy, immediately pushing on top of them with scims and dropping their 1 def pures like flies. Shortly thereafter, mains hit the fight and we dipped east, satisfied with our performance. Terror vs soup We found slumpremacy avoiding us and bankstanding yet again. We decided to pay them a quick visit and see if they would be willing to step up to the clan they talk about day in and day out. Surprisingly, they seemed to be willing to accept an F2P prep. We got the challenge and went inside the portal, only to find out that none of them would come in, opting instead to log out of our world and avoid a 30v30 on pures. Terror vs Fatality ft. Rage We defended for Fatality at dwarves in what would become an extremely competitive, extremely clean 50v50 pure war. Both clans traded blows, moving from dwarves to vent and back before Rage hit the fight from the south. We followed Fatality north to gap, and cleared up their stragglers sticking out east. We then hopped to a separate world, repositioned, and re-hit the fight from the north. Our impeccable snares allowed us to farm loot from both Fatality and Rage as we push them west to mossies. Shoutout to the 55 Wolves who showed up today, and props to the few remaining pure clans willing to provide consistent, competitive and clean action for all to enjoy. Videos Pictures
  6. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Today, Fatality headed out with 62 green men ready to fight any clan on pures. Fatality vs Onslaught Fatality set up a PKRI with Onslaught in AlKharid, Fatality logged in on the west side pushing on top of Onslaught. Fatality continued pushing east causing Onslaught to tele out of their clumps. Fatality had around 39 ending, good clean 1v1 pure action. GF Onslaught. Fatality vs Apex/Terror Fatality saw Apex fighting Terror at Boneyard and decided to pay a visit, forcing both clans to teleport instantly. Fatality vs Onslaught Fatality defended north of Falador waiting for Onslaught to rush. Fatality held ground as Onslaught pushed and returned specs going up 15. Soon BP logged in East and Fatality forced BP to tele and chased the rest to single. Fatality vs Supremacy+Apex Fatality scouted Supremacy just sitting spread in multi so Fatality went underneath them in another world. Fatality logged into Supremacy and specced them on login causing Supremacy to panic teleport. Apex tried to rush but their fight was already crashed by Fatality, when Apex saw it wasn't Supremacy defending they turned tail back to single. Fatality vs Cluster Fatality laughed at Apex and ran east through bandits telespot and saw Legacy's invites Jumpstreet east of bandits so Fatality went north to defend against Legacy. Soon after mains rushed the fight so Fatality pushed south to find the pures but there were none so Fatality reset and headed to gap. Fatality vs Terror Fatality set up in a spread south of gap, Fatality logged into Terror and pushed them East into Callisto. Terror didn't fight back so it was an easy & fast clear for Fatality. Fatality saw Terror trying to hit a fight at Boneyard instead of fighting back so Fatality went awaiting their rush. Terror never came so Fatality turned onto BP by dwarves instead instakilling half of BP, Fatality took their loot and dipped to end the day.
  7. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Sunday March 28th; Fatality massed up, peaking at 64 Pure Elites ready to take on more clean pure vs pure action after having a fun as fuck, action packed saturday trip. Good thing for the community todays trips ensured just that with multi long lasting clusters happening between the community. ~ Fatality vs BP ~ To start the trip off we defended at bandits for BP to rush. Unfortunately only a few minutes into the fight a group of mains logged in, in BP cape hitting them, forcing them to dip to single. ~ Fatality vs Ly, Rage, OG, TR ~ After a short bank, we grabbed our Anakarl tabs and decided to go to GDZ. All of the pure clans (besides the clan wars warriors) were there. We logged in to the west on White Plat, where we ran into Legacy. After a back and forth fight, and some returning; Rage rushed from the west. We then pushed Legacy south through gap. After clearing their stragglers, we pushed north back to GDZ. We rushed Rage, OG, and Terror as they were fighting there. After getting some kills, repositioning some all of the clans decided to bank and regroup. ~ Fatality vs Ly, TR ~ After our pushed clans to single the first go round at GDZ, there were still fights going on between some so we quickly got a rebank and were quick to hit it. By time we got back up it was just Terror and Legacy duking it out at new gate. We would log in from the north and kill every blue cape north of the gate, seeing the massive clumps south we pushed through and began spreading around the area completely destroying the clumps. We would end up pushing Legacy south to single and with the only action left in multi being some veng mains we all just got a world hop and headed down to bank. ~ Fatality vs Ly, OG, TR ~ For the next bit of action we set up a 1v1 vs Legacy where we would defend on 26 hill. They opted to rush from the north where our west side caught them in some fat 5mans, and used that chance to push into them and start pushing them north. After continuing to catch them in clumps the fight would continue to pull north towards and around horseshoe and then to east boneyard. Onslaught would then log in from the east of us, so we maneuvered around them and began hitting them as well. Then Terror would also log in to hit the fight causing it to turn into a big cluster once more. We maintained holding our ground to the east and cleared up the Terror who rushed us, as a group of around 25 mains were logging in to snipe the fight, we teled out for a bank. ~ Fatality vs Ly, Rage, Z (mains), OG ~ We would once again set up another fight with Legacy except this time it would be at boneyard. We would rush from the west and wrap on them around north catching the northern side of their spread in some big clumps. As we were wrapping we'd once again catch them in clumps on the south side this time, however as we were blowing up their clumps. Both clans would pull east, and with Rage moving north with us we would begin to fight them, and clear up the ones north inside of us. After their clanwars fight Zenith chose to try to crash on their 20 mains, just to get cleared. We then shifted our focus back onto the Rage left south of 26 hill, when Onslaught rushed east of us, we quickly pushed ontop of them and began pushing them south and overwhelming them taking the fight to hill giant hut. With Legacy coming with full opts we chose to just dip out after another successful cluster.
  8. Supremacy-rs CC / www.Supremacy-rs.com / Supremacy.verygames.net Hello to all the fucking losers who aren't in Supremacy, we back with straight 8 weeks of face fucking dumb terror dogs Ima keep this one real short since you non sup clanners know damn well what the fuck happened today in the wilderness (gold fucked you). Today was a special day because the punching bags we even consider our dog shit "rivals" terror didnt even have a fucking trip today. Instead, they chose 2 fight in clan wars for their action the entire day LOL. This left the 48 big dick hitters of Supremacy to do whatever the fuck we wanted today. We took this opportunity to get a decent 1v1 vs Zenith that was crashed, a 1v1 vs Apex on the west side, a cluster that started with Rage rushing us with 35 pures and then Foe/LY/Zenith/Apex/dog main clans crashing and the entire scene being in 1 area. While this was going on, we spent maybe 30 minutes killing the fuck out of the most shittiest pure main clan to exist, camping rage pures, mains, and even vennies, until they were fully cleared off the minimap by Foe. From there, we hit Zenith + Rev around the corners until we found retarded rage pures once more and killed them again. We also ran into Ly doing fuck all by the return spot and rushed them, with Apex later joining and pushing them from 60 to 30 into singles. Ended our trip and then got pm'd by Zenith for a ft100 which we accepted for a 38v38 PKRI that we convincingly won with close to a 20 man kill lead. Btw terror didnt have a trip today lmfao they tried to go out after clan wars and put on rage capes straight away l0000000000l fucking broken faggots Nate POV Phil POV Noel POV
  9. ~ Discord ~ Venom massed up 48 glorious men for our P2P Pking Trip. Today was no different than the past few weeks, there was no full on clears and was mostly just mains. We hit alot of clusters and took whatever action that was given to us. Appreciate all the battles men and have a good Christmas - Venom Staff. Malo Pics
  10. clan-rage.com | Discord: kKdeJhY | Rage.ts3chat.com | ''Clan Rage'' cc The Rage lads gathered 48 men for our Sunday P2P PK Trip Knowing there were multiple clans with similar numbers to us, there was tons of action to be had and today we done it all: Clean uncrashed 1v1's Dominated multiple clusters Numerous +1's Pked Multiple gwasses on various pure gangs There wasn't much sign of our rivals today, Word on the street was that they pulled 30 and compensated for this by bringing 15 mains but it meant nothing as they spent their trip getting farmed When we weren't hitting clusters we spent the rest of our trip getting 1v1's with Supremacy, Terror, Onslaught and BP - We went undefeated in every single 1v1 on the day Thanks to all the boys that showed up today Keep an eye on upcoming-events this week there's multiple CWA and wilderness events lined up @Matias @Treehugger28 pics in spoiler
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