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  1. I voted rage(becouse of the one sided sat), but I think its quiet even tbh. edit: apparently I voted foe.
  2. since when is SB political I dont give a shit about your shitty election. giant douche or turd sandwhich woulda been a better icon.
  3. Who's been bringing the most mains? (now and the passed) Loser should be demoted to "main" clan also GZ to the pure community for hosting 15 clans!
  4. Not as one sided as I thought, but non the less GZ on your revange!
  5. Gz foe you got your revenge

  6. unbiased tho, if you think fo won today. hit me up, becouse I need the same shit you've been smoking. accept the L and take your revenge tomorrow. gl.

  7. If anyone got those icons from every clan, pls hit me up ill give BJ for icons like deez unknown.png?width=1262&height=379

    1. Trav


      ngl I wanted these too

    2. Mallu


      I think those are flowers.. pm him :P

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