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  1. Some old and new clips that I've been meaning to dump https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mH4KT_ETstM
  2. Practicing drawing on the new ipad. Might create some cool emojis / more alternative logos in my free time!
  3. hi, im deceiver. trying to get into back designing this year, so if you'd like something hit me up and let's work something out late highschool era probably one of my top 3 pieces of work ive ever made (could be done better now tho) highschool era smudge
  4. show some love, like/comment/sub
  5. Few more projects as of recently, if you wish to contact me its Frost2#3033 Avatars / Logos Then they get animated to discord avatars below Discord Avatars Banners Any feedback is appreciated as always
  6. Few previous projects I have been done, constructive feedback is always appreciated, thanks for viewing! Discord Avatar More Discord Avatars/ logos (some made in collab with Pint Designs) Forums Avatar Small Banner Clan Banner
  7. I finished the new Sharkbrew's logo back in May, a complete revamp for the site's mascot. Any suggestions/C&C would be appreciated.
  8. Thanks to the guys over at RAGE for reaching out and having do their second banner. It was a pleasure working with you guys and seeing this come all together with all of our collected ideas. Hope we can work again in the future on another piece!
  9. Received the opportunity to work with BluntPurez which was an awesome project to work on. Really liking the outcome, let me know what you guys think. Always open for feedback, thank you. Design process: Final:
  10. avatar/banner/divider/etc. dm on discord: Kim#0003
  11. Managed to do some free work for the clan JumpStreet - Great to work with. I have lots of improvement to do however thought I would share with you guys!
  12. Was bored, so decided to make this
  13. Merry Christmas Everyone! Finished a Christmas themed clan banner for Lethal Intentions! It was a pleasure working with you guys, was dope drawing all of the festive decorations. I haven't gotten posted on SB in a while, just wanted to come out and wish you guys a Merry Christmas. I hope you guys are all safe. https://imgur.com/undefined
  14. Shoutout to coldpint at rune-pub for the sick custom draw gfx. fast and professional.
  15. Hi everyone, I am doing free logos to the first 5 people that respond with what they'd like. Looking to get back in the groove of things. Previously have done graphics for Control, Venom, Zenith, IR and a few others Please provide: Color Scheme: Text: Subtext: Specific Images: Additional comments:
  16. Retiring from GFX in a few months people. Worked with many clans in different scenes and made thousands of moneys. Ty sharkbrew and friends!
  17. rng on the poison splat, catchin 1 def fo kids like a rattata
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