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  1. Honestly don't see the point of even reopening Clan-Warfare. When the website originally started, it was to help change the community for the better, which did bring on much needed changes outside of the site vs site drama. Now, it's simply pointless, and not even the real team.
  2. Outside of the one video I made 2 years ago, I haven't made a video on Runescape since pre-eoc. This one is somewhat "nerdy", but it seems like this what the new the generation of players enjoy. Please like the video and subscribe, as the channel is really dead .
  3. Adam


    That's a lot of posting Logan
  4. That's a lot of effort, nice job
  5. Still don't understand why that type of community is even a thing?
  6. The reasoning behind 20 def account isn't practical in the current game, so I don't understand why anyone would use it. In my opinion, the pure community should either stay 1 def, or adapt to 45 def; I don't understand why people ruin their accounts for the sake of their clan.
  7. Does anyone know someone who does questing services; willing to pay a premium price if they are fast? 

    1. Koed Beastly
    2. Brock


      I do training & Questiing dm if you wanna talk about srs offers and list of quests

  8. Hello everyone, I was wondering if someone could provide me some suggestions on what clan or community I could possibly join? I haven't activity played Runescape in years, but every so often I do login to speak with some familiar faces. Unfortunately, when I logged into IRC today, almost every clan channel was practically empty, and I can honestly say all of my friends from the olden days are no longer playing. During last winter (after not playing since 2012), I did hangout with a small group of old TLP Members / Unbreakable, but it appears they are no longer open / playing. During this time is also when I tried to actively attempt to help the pure community; glad to see the 1 def movement is still going strong / Sharkbrew is being used for more than just childish bickering. What I am looking for in a clan / community: Considering I am 26, I would prefer a more "mature" community, however, I do understand that this is a video game. A clan that will allow me to tag along for events when I have time to play. A strong forum community, as I do enjoy interacting on clan forums. Account:
  9. That's honestly unfortunate.
  10. Not sure why this topic is still open
  11. Actually little confused, I didn't hide anything unless I believed the post was meaningless flame. It's little weird that someone with moderator powers gets called biased or abusive, for removing anything similar to the below flame (which I removed no matter what clan it was directed towards): Examples: "Clan Name is brown sticky stuff" "You are a broccoli, and your clan is brown sticky stuff" "Your clan sucks" "broccoli" @
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