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  1. When that one kid dies in p2p and drops anchovy pizzas disgusting
  2. What do you prefer? Losing that extra 80k per hit or saving it!
  3. Who’s the one clan that you fight and claim the win when you’re up opts cause their returns are good? I think envy
  4. What are a few clans new clanners shouldn’t even think about joining? I would say: purge, outbreak/vendetta/rampage/lethal/dos/whatever their name is and EOP
  5. 3 clans with the worst leadership right now? 1. Purge 2. Dos/Vandetta/outbreak 3. EOP
  6. I mean any scene they have been in they couldn’t compete. They failed to kill pures by using mains. And I also don’t think they’ve ever won a prep!!
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