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  1. Solid suggestion, but it shouldn’t really be needed. That @Couck guy is just an attention seeking weirdo lol.
  2. Misfits GMT trips are #1

    pked over 10m tonight already bzzzzzz


  3. It’s a good thing we have that Misfits clan then, they always keep the wild active.
  4. More lies than your aftermaths, feel free to come donate me another Toxic Staff brother, you know where we are...
  5. If by “slump” you mean being the most active clan midweek for pking & then pulling 40 on Sundays, I’m fucking loving this slump loool, try focus on not getting yourself gwassed every Sunday like you seem to lol.
  6. Glad that scammer didn’t end up joining MF.
  7. Today on this Beautiful Sunday evening, we massed up 35-38 Big Beautiful Bee's peaking at 41 and maintaining just over 35 throughout the duration of the trip. We set out with our jars in hand, to take on what the wilderness had to offer. As we try our absolute best to do each and every week for everyone here, we deliver the most clean action possible... Case and point below: Our first hit of the day was against Fatality, where we logged in from the east of 21 hills and brought the fight to them west, catching a north wrap swarming around them and were working them to the south. we pulled back a little bit and caught them into a fat Gwass on top of one of the hills and after we disposed of their clump, we pushed in with specs and claimed our W just before Foe crashed. Our second fight of the day was against Siege... We logged in West of Bandits and pushed into them, steamrolling them out of multi and into singles and then eventually to Lumbridge scoring an easy clear for Misfits. Our third hit of the day involved us catching a good amount of Foe at West of Bandits after we got word that a clan just rushed us after we teleported from our second hit. We returned from Dareyakk and were able to have a clean fight but they decided to get into a Gwass and give up after a minute or 2 in. Our fourth hit of the day was us savagely taking a clear that another clan was trying to claim, and then clearing them afterwards. We showed IR how it's properly done, killing the scum... We came up from the Southwest of CA and pushed northeast switching from piles between IR and Fatality until we cleared IR completely. We then proceeded to work down the rest of what Fatality had and took our loots and dipped out before anyone else could hit us. Our fifth hit of the day was against Siege North of Falador. We brought the fight to them west, doing a north wrap around the Falador Gate, we killed their best... We dropped pile after pile, when we clipped their wings so they couldn't fly, and all they could do is just die, as MF waved bye bye. Our Sixth and final hit of the day was at Corp Hill. We pushed into both clans from the west of Corp Hill and caught even more clumps between both Foe and IR and dropped plenty of piles to fill our jars with their juices. We dipped out after they returned in rag and claimed our Final W of the day. VIDEOS @BackWoodsL PoV @White Page PoV @Linesofbzzz PoV @Rihanna PoV PICTURES
  8. There is no xlpc competition, feel free to hang around Nightmare discord and wait for some to open though.
  9. Imagine being an American on these forums right now lmao 

  10. Looks like Fatality got bodied, nice opening trip, MF f2p hitters carried btw
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