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  1. Pigwrestler7

    cwa [P2P] Supremacy vs Final Ownage Elite 25v25 2-1

    Look at all the mad fo kids not wanting this to count as a prep l0l
  2. Pigwrestler7

    Which Clan?

    What, you don’t trust the quality of your clan in a matched fight? Says a lot. Don’t quote me again freak
  3. Pigwrestler7

    pure Big D**k Clan FOE Crushes dogsh*t clan EOM

    No one denies what happened after, but the funnier point is you retards got gwased.
  4. Pigwrestler7

    Which Clan?

    Aside from a F2P prep vs Fatality last week you’ve literally lost every prep. This isn’t golf, you don’t want a negative score my dude.
  5. Pigwrestler7

    Which Clan?

    I didn’t realise 2018 consisted of only November and December.
  6. Pigwrestler7

    pure Big D**k Clan EoP Crushes dogsh*t clan fom

    They disappearededed
  7. Pigwrestler7

    pure applying for jobs is hard

    He’s definitely not bright enough to end up in an office job so shouldn’t be a problem.
  8. Pigwrestler7

    weekend MISFITS 2 YEAR ANNIVERSARY Ft. 180 Big Beezzzz

    40 opts not on ts..? Surely that’s not something to be proud of.
  9. Pigwrestler7

    Is God a sexual predator?

  10. Pigwrestler7

    xlpc xLPC Legends are back