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  1. Ahh yes two paragraphs to save Apex from the months of ragging foe received Solid leadership from Nox
  2. You've been claiming fake wins the entire time your clan has been open legacy has the WORST quality
  3. More than half of your POV is you in singles, and then it finishes with you teleing out lmfao This is weaker than normal.. must be slowly breaking
  4. @BackWoodsLcalling out 50v50 preps while having events with zerk clans l0l0l0l
  5. 50v50 inners l00000l think before you post spastic (Legacy would never pull 50 to a prep)
  6. This is a real tough one for the Legacy circle-jerkers. Wish they'd stop living vicariously through Apex and prep a decent clan for once lmfao
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