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  1. Imagine trying to claim the crown based on a technicality. next time pull more you useless cunts
  2. You would certainly have to imagine, because that’s not the case in any reality we currently find ourselves in. How much time do you think you’ll rack up on Sharkbrew today defending a clan you most likely despised only a few years back?
  3. This is genuinely beautiful. Do you not realise you’re shooting yourself in the foot? You have constructed an essay on why “Apex was never good,” but fail to realise that for the past four years in the wilderness and clan wars (particularly p2p) Fatality has been Apex’s punching bag. You do realise what that implies about Fatality..?
  4. Why is LY piping up about preps? 

  5. Singles just has some weird form of gravitational pull on you guys doesn’t it? Your POV is awful.
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