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  1. Singles just has some weird form of gravitational pull on you guys doesn’t it? Your POV is awful.
  2. I doubt this can be good. Platinum Fortune targets global video game companies and designs strategies to help them grow user base and revenue with the goal of creating better experiences for the 2.5billion, fast-growing, global gamer community Runescape is just one big nostalgia trip for most of the user base. I can’t see them making it appeal to the “2.5 billion gamers” they keep touting in the press release without fucking it up for the current user base.
  3. Legacy still trying for that first prep win
  4. Let’s not talk about other clans avoiding fights lmfao? You avoided in SAFE clan wars this week. You clearly need the morale boost, enjoy.
  5. This was already posted, and you were already flamed for it.
  6. You guys really that mad you lost at the caves the other day?
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