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  1. Pigwrestler7

    Make P2p Sundays Fun Again.

    Those were definitely the good days but good luck convincing clans
  2. Pigwrestler7

    Attention Everyone

  3. Pigwrestler7

    cwa Outrage Vs Supremacy ~ F2P Prep ~ 2-0

    Was that some snake shit last round lmfao? gz on win
  4. Seem mad lol thanks for the short story
  5. A clan with pkeru and control, big yikes for them
  6. Imagine some retard from legacy complaining about tanks
  7. For a clan with no quality you sure do have a mouth on you
  8. Pigwrestler7

    Underdogs Champions

  9. Pigwrestler7

    cwa Outrage Vs Legacy ~ F2P Prep (3-0)

    Great to see legacy still fucking suck with matched opts
  10. Pigwrestler7


  11. Pigwrestler7


    The fact that you hit BP shows the level of competition and quality you’re at lmfao.
  12. Pigwrestler7

    rage = foe’s punching bag

  13. I dislike legacy as much as the next guy, but this topic is absolute ass. 90% of the pics are in singles lmfao
  14. Redemption is a thing again?
  15. Pigwrestler7

    How long will CD last? [X-Rated]

    Ngl Legacy looking very cringe with the amount of circle jerking they do on these forums at the moment.
  16. Pigwrestler7

    "Ly rs" cc - lvl 3-126 join now!

    This lmfao
  17. Pigwrestler7

    Legacy so innocent right?

    This the dude has kids lmfao
  18. Pigwrestler7

    weekend How not to crash a fight Ft Jaja

    Glad to see a victim making the rules on what constitutes a victim.
  19. Pigwrestler7

    weekend How not to crash a fight Ft Jaja

    Ur a victim stfu
  20. Pigwrestler7

    weekend 70 Legacy Spartan's Murder CD Ft Rage

    You guys are both fucking cringe