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  1. Supremacy seem to be taking a few Ls in f2p preps of late, hopefully they can pick the quality back up.
  2. Best advice I could give is time the tick properly. If you're clicking toward the beginning of the tick you'll have more chance of pulling the 1tick off, if you click towards the end of the tick you'll just end up clicking across two ticks. Hope that makes sense and gl.
  3. I thought the same but then again there’s another 30 mofos in the fall in that probably managed to click properly solid GWAS fellas
  4. I’m not in rage are you lost or something
  5. The obsession these LY spastics have with the word rape says a lot.
  6. Coming from the biggest victim in the community, yeah alright hahaha
  7. Convincing pull? Looks like they only managed to top 50 on the cape counter in like two pics lmfao
  8. Dude instead of typing out essays just take the L and work on whatever you did wrong next time.
  9. The real delusion is thinking that the ‘several others’ were helping Apex lmfao. Wtf are you smoking? Do you see their spams?
  10. You’ve shared it and that’s exactly what she wants
  11. Fo cancelling a lot of preps these days lmfao
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