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  1. Keep crying for me you obese disgusting fuck. You have no say in your clan even as a rank LMFAO, nice 30 pulls on the weekends btw heh
  2. Are you disagreeing? What the fuck do you do in the midweek other then your 6 hour 2v2 sessions and pking in a joint clanchat with Zenith you beta cucks. YOU ARE THEIR MEAT SHIELDS YOU FUCKING DOGS.
  3. LY = Clanwars, Midweeks, and Weekends FI = Clanwars, Midweeks, and Weekends Rage = Clanwars, Midweeks and Weekends Foe = Clanwars, Midweeks, Weekend clan Supremacy = Quality clan, inactive member base Apex = Clan full of virgins with no midweek activity other then being in joint clanchats with Zenith. Weekends they pull 40 lmao. Zenith = Masser clan with absolutely 0 quality (hence why they're 3-40 in preps) who teams with rev protection clans and Apex. Worst leadership in the game who pay 20m per recruit from Hormone's saved up inheritance money.
  4. Do something about it you fucking idiot. Your clan started the main rag war and now you're playing victim LMFAOOOOO. This is only the beginning, off is NFS
  5. fucking idiots lmfao, get fucked you retards. Your twink fake doctor leader is going to be VERY pissed in the morning HAHA!
  6. Great fight as always FI. We've some very close fights recently.
  7. LMFAOOOOO you only hyped us up even more to kill you now after Round 5 DDoS. If you thought the Hormone vid was bad wait until you see Part 5 you fucking dogs l0000000000l. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/374971715626991628/738171295803506738/dced.mp4
  8. Legacy have already declared multiple times on Zenith for a full out war in either server. Zenith have opened 5 times in the past 10 years and they've NEVER won a full out war of any sort. They are the worst quality clan to have ever existed and everybody knows they're a masser clan. They know that losing any mini, prep, full out war vs Legacy would be the end of their dog shit propaganda which is holding their masser clan together.
  9. dog shit 0 quality clan. We were streaming your audio and heard 0wl sounding broken as fuck btw "I dont want to do this anymore wahhhhh". Your leaders are broken pussies LMFAO this is only the beginning btw
  10. Apex got tossed around like a rag doll in all of their fights today, fucking idiots tried to help their boyfriends towards the end and went from 50 to 10 in 30 seconds lmfao, dog shit victim clan
  11. Notice how nobody gives a fuck lmao fucking idiots slaving for a virgin, couldn't be me
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