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  1. im not in fi or part of the anti-zenith alliance, but by the looks of it, your clan was too scared to face them in a wilderness fight today... its a shame because im sure zenith members are eager to fight vs fi
  2. im not in fi/ly but to me it seems like fi leadership outsmarted the zenith alliance and made them lose the fight as well as waste all that tank pull..... imho zenith took a fat L again yesterday
  3. im not in fi/ly/rage, but its clear that zenith got bumfucked in this last f2p trip l00l0

    1. Satans


      ??? Fi literally logged out mid-fight fighting Z, while Z capes were split, CD was East killing Fi's ally Ly, they didn't want the return fight lol


  4. bro after i heard the "we do the fucking" guy on zenith audio explaining how to perform a scimitar push i lost all respect for that clan
  5. as long as both teams keep fighting week in week out, but i dont see zenith keeping it together for the long run i mean, you can only count on cape boost and minion clans for so long. eventually it always comes back to bite you
  6. fo xd, i remember when they were good, a very long time ago
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