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  1. Saw that one guy post something about 2018, LOL. Almost in 2021 buddy, unbiased opinion that Fatality has declared on Apex multiple ways and Apex has done preps like Fatality declared on them as recently as a few weeks ago. Apex has 0 leverage from an unbiased point of view.
  2. If two sentences = a paragraph, you have the mental capacity of a first grader.
  3. Looks like Zenith is avoiding, would like to see a full out too tho.
  4. Seeing Apex do a prep exactly like FI wanted vs another clan? Pathetic. FI even agreed to make it 50v50. Unbiased opinion, Apex leadership is retarded. Nj looked fun.
  5. Yeah they can war for 24+ hours straight (LOL), its actually really stupid of Rage to beef with the longest undisputed #1 main clan even if they are slumping now.
  6. Dude... your own videos show you getting railed just look at the cape count when your in the center of the fight... you aren't convincing anyone here.
  7. Just propaganda, when looking at it from the outside you truly see how big of a cancer Zenith and their members are. Now don't get me wrong 80% of this community is cancer but in Zenith? 100% seem like total spastics.
  8. Unbiased opinion, your own vid shows you losing the fights.
  9. Looks like a lot of action, this isn't the mentality that you want to have though. You want the pure community to grow and thrive, this kind of mindset is shit.
  10. Yeah sorry I forgot, most European leaders aren't relevant.
  11. Nah sorry that's pathetic on Fatality part to not do 50v50. You pull 150 but don't want to 50v50 a clan that pulls a lot less? Sad, just as sad as Apex not wanting to do a FT 50 as well.
  12. If only Boris Johnson didn't get the virus months ago.
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