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  1. Most Active - Best Community - #1 Wilderness Pure Clan. Throughout the week the Pure Community and the majority of Fatality saw just how unstable Jamz is, Last week Zenith hinted at troubles brewing in #Area-51 but we couldn't imagine Fatality was truly in that amount of Chaos. This week Fatality & Jamz cried to anyone who would listen while FI Members continued lying and Doxing Zenith Members. Despite what bullshit propaganda clans have sprung Zenith has always taken the higher path not scooping down to these NH levels of cancer. Fatality's pull had diminished 60 from the previous Saturday, The writing was on the wall that Fatality is a breaker clan full of breakers. We massed up 75 Zenith Members and peaked at 85 Zenith Mountain Men for our F2P Saturday Smackdown. As always Zenith doesn't break and we showed this once again forcing Fatality to break and drop 40 people and run from Zenith after hitting us in singles. You will never outsmart Armin & Mercy. Cooking POV: We heard some action was going down at Chaos Altar. We logged in west and logged on top of Terror. We quickly followed all clans east and eventually south. We hit Terror and Supremacy and cleared them up, We pushed them north past CA and scattered them . We pulled back south and caught a fall in and logged. We heard Supremacy and Final Ownage Elites were fighting west of Bandits, We quickly teleported in from the east and bum rushed both clans. We hit both clans and sent them to singles, We caught a fall in and walked south directly into Terror and started hitting them. They ran directly to singles so we followed and logged and went to hit something else. We rushed Intense Redemption ( Kane ) and started fighting them at bandits, Fatality rushed and terror rushed. We followed Fatality in singles and started spawn killing them in singles by the cave entrance. We continued smoking through Fatality sending all of their plus ones (Legacy Mains) and invites (Special Forces) leaving their trip. Fatality's pull had dropped from 110 to 70 within 1 hour of their trip our spy infested clan started breaking and tapping out. We continued camping all of their 1 def pures and invites and started breaking them within the hour Fatality had dropped 50 and we had only gained. Fatality scattered as Sunday & Jamz fought in Rank and we listened to music. We caught a fall in and walked to Ferrox clearing Fatality down 40. We heard Rage was south near FOG while Fatality regrouped and channel hopped and fought in rank. We teleported to CA and rushed south and hit Rage and sent them scattering south. We than found Final Ownage Elites with 30 in game and we quickly hit them and started clearing them up. We pushed them fully south and than walked back north and went to hit something else. We rushed Legacy at corp and they instantly got caught and tried to log out, We cleared up their remaining members and than pushed east on top of Intense Redemption. We started cycling back and forth and did extremely well. When we rushed it was a even 80V80, We heard clans were crashing when it was 80 Z vs 60 IR so we pulled west into singles.
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