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  1. Congrats NP, keep it up =]
  2. I voted for clan A cus I find big wildy fights more entertaining, but I also think CWA is important =p
  3. Thanks for the shot boys, will do my best to be helpful =]
  4. Good luck recruiting, hopefully will be good action =]
  5. Most Handsome Members | #1 Luso-Brazilian Clan | Best Luso-Brazilian Community | We Spit Fire Earlier today we scheduled some F2P wilderness action with Zerg Unit. We ended up pulling 46 people even though the short prep and we sent a few shareds/dropped 10 people so we could have a more even fight. Wilderland starting: 90 options (dropped from 135 opts) Zerg Unit starting: 90 options After 45 minutes of scrap we compared our immediate endings. Wilderland ending: 70~ opts Zerg Unit ending: 50~ opts Thanks for the scrap boyz, was fun
  6. ezzzz smoke fam just sit dumb dog lmfaooo, im smoking cuban cigars with ethan in bahamas
  7. Thanks for the fight bros, you guys did well
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