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  1. Hello there [Rev Applicant] Bles how goes it sir
  2. Zenith won't show up - Haha you got owned!! Baited haha!! ..and if they do Fatality will smoke them Either way Fatality wins this one, early Congratulations
  3. Zenith thinking Fatality would bring other clans into a full out has to be the least believable thing I've read on these forums all year
  4. Gratz TR Pull more so it isn't no overheads, that looks terrible
  5. Imagine having to deflect on this topic
  6. No faith in your members - I really do wonder what the 80+ zenith who don't spurt their saliva over shark brew think about declining a 1v1 with a 10 man advantage.
  7. Masser clan afraid of exposing terrible man for man quality ✔️
  8. Fatality making moves - someone step up and do something worthwhile
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