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  1. Grabbin

    showcase Recent Showcase/Work #10

    The 3d stuff looks boring tbh, in the pd/legacy ones it's just kinda thrown on top, but looks kinda out of place imo
  2. Grabbin

    Bullies Clan Easy Sunday Outing

    Bullied again, polygon trash lol
  3. Grabbin

    showcase more recents

    I feel like that one would've looked just as good without any animations Lookin good tho
  4. Grabbin

    Speak Up Rats.

    Heard my boys over at foe killed a bunch of green-red capers, looked easy
  5. Grabbin

    showcase Banner for Defiance

    Not a fan of that effect for text
  6. They talked about that in the past q&a I think Sounded like they liked the idea
  7. Grabbin

    Is sharkbrew dying?

    Forums as a whole aren't in their prime imo. But looking at the amount of posts I'd say the only dead thing here is your reputation.
  8. Those people pking at 308 varrock might eventually start getting more into serious clanning. But it won't be instant, this is gonna take some time to develop.
  9. Grabbin

    A funny / sad fact

    Damn man, your analytical skills are unmatched in the runescape community.
  10. Grabbin

    What's the best Cereal?

    Cinnamon Toast Crunch #1